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  1. Ok, so i understand there is info about rushing units and what not. But i am trying to rush units that seem to hire from within. The reason for going this route is due to the fact that i don't have the flexibility of moving around and i am also running out of time age wise without needing an age waiver. Currently i am 28 and about to turn 29 in a month time isn't on my side. Also i just relocated and bought a condo about 10 months ago due to my wife's job, so the intent is to have about a 400 mile radius of travel and apply to all within that radius. Not super keen on driving 6 hours a few tim
  2. That would be dope, very much appreciated man. Not sure if there is a way to PM someone through this forum, if not let me know and i can give you my personal email address
  3. A little bit about me. I have always wanted to join the Reserves or ANG as a pilot. Growing up i never thought it to be possible since i was trying to chase after a career in architecture. Well after some conversation with a friend of mine from high school who is a C-5 pilot and a flight instructor for the Air Force he told me i still have a chance. Currently i am in the process of taking may ARE exams to become a licensed architect while doing all necessary items to obtain a flying position with the Reserves or ANG as a C-17 or C-130 pilot. I would like advice on how to increase my chan
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