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  1. It really depends on your unit. It took me 2 years from hired to TFOT. I needed an age waiver. But i know someone who got hired a year after me who is going to TFOT now.
  2. I had the same problem. Im with the guard and it took about 2 months to get the final results back. I asked my recruiter and he emailed our units medical place ( dont know what it is called) and the next day they were able to access it online.
  3. I think your numbers look very good. I had way lower numbers, non prior at 28.5 and got hired to fly C-17 at a guard unit in NY. Just completed my FC1 and waiting for class dates to get started. Apply everywhere you can and if interviewing, make sure you just hit it over the park. Good luck.
  4. I encourage you to read everyone post in this forum. I have recently completed my FC1 at WP AFB. I landed in Dayton on Sunday afternoon. I rented a car( very very useful if you can afford it, my unit would only approve taxi fare reimbursement). I drove from Dayton International, about 25 mins to WP AFB area a to the Wright Patterson Inns. If you have a military Id, you will go thru gate and check in. If you’re guard or reserve they will ask you to pay it with a credit or debit card. I was booked from Monday thru Friday. On Monday, i showed up to the USAFSAM building 840 at WP AFB area B. If you google “building 840 parking lot wright patterson it will take you close to the actual parking lot. Go ahead and park and enter the building on the north entrance. Immediately after you enter, there is a hallway. Make a right on hallway and go to room W100. ( that’s what was instructed). A technician then briefs you on what to expect and hands over a folder with your info. In the front of folder there is a list of tests. Every time a tech completes a test, they will initial it. Day one, they did an EKG( fasting required min 4 hours), checked my blood pressure, dental exam, some eye exams (amsler, red lens, pressure test, color, etc) they also took dental x-rays, optometry check up, hearing test, medical history interview. We went to lunch, then came back to a 4 hour psych assessment. There were like 5 sections but each came with a break in between. Next day, I started at the area a hospital across from Wright Patterson inns reception. You must fast like 12 hours. They has us do a urine test, blood draw (9 biles). Then, they had us do a chest x-ray. Then back to area b building 840. There were additional eye tests, dilate pupils, more eye tests. They did the body measurements and weight. You get to sit in a chair without shoes or socks. It simulates the T6 seat. They measure your sitting height, arm length, leg length. Takes like 5 mins. Once you’re done, you get to see a flight doc who confirms with you whether any new stuff from MEPS to this exam. We were then told to hang in until next day by 9 am. The main tech called us to let us know we were good or if she needed us to retest. Luckily for me, i was able to be released same day and i took a flight home. Now just waiting till i hear from the NGB to get my TFOT Dates and hope for UPT info too. Tip: Definitely make time to check the AF museum. Worth every second of your time. It’s free and they do close at 5 pm. Another thing. Attitude is, in my opinion, the biggest thing to be conscious of. These technicians and doctors are there to hep you. Do not feel intimidated by them at all. These are people and love to talk. if you have a good attitude, and may assist you with completing the tests or give you an idea if you have an issue and whether is waiver able or not. Overall, we had one guy dq for some issue with his eye, but he will be able to get waiver and fly for the US air force. The optometrist was very frank with him and initiated all waiver info. We also had an ROTC guy who thought couldn't go for manned aircraft due to his eye sight issues and was set for RPA. However WP people told him his condition was waiverable and now will pursue a manned airframe spot instead of RPA. Also, for guard and reserve, they won't have any lunch purchased for you. You will either buy something on the cafeteria (Starbucks) on the second floor of building 840 at WPAFB area B. This is one of the reasons it is good to have a car (rental) because you can go off site and pick up lunch. All in all a very good experience. Good luck to you all.
  5. Read this article about PCSM- This website has a lot of useful information. Good luck! https://bogidope.com/article/pilot-candidate-selection-method-pcsm-score-explained-part-1
  6. C17- Guard/non prior/28.5(when hired) Interview-Sep 2017 Selected/hired- Sep 2017 MEPS- OCT 2017 SWEAR IN- JAN 2018 WP- FC1- scheduled for April 30, 2018. PENDING EVERYTHING ELSE. I'll update it as I go.
  7. I think you definitely have a chance. Apply to all the units you'd see yourself working out of. My numbers were way lower than yours and I got hired by a C17 unit off the street at 28.5 years old. Pilot 78, pcsm 57, PPL with 85 flight hours. LOR from a Warrant officer, 1 retired LT Col at a Guard unit, and my PPL CFI. Just keep applying and you'll be the next lucky one. Just apply to all you can. I think I applied to like 15 units and only one responded with an interview. Good luck!
  8. go to the PCSM website http://access.afpc.af.mil/pcsmdmz/. click where it says update flying hours. There will be a sample "Commander's letter." use that as an example for your flight instructor to verify your updated flying hours and then email it to AFPC.PCSM@us.af.mil along with your log book page . They will update within 24 hours with the newest score.
  9. I am 28, applying to as many ANG UPT boards as possible. TBAS 57, 82 Flight Hours with PPL. AFOQT 78 pilot GPA 3.35 BS in Global Business, Arizona State. Looking C130 units or KC135. What are my chances?
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