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  1. Shep 19-03 USAF AC-130 A-10 B-52 C-130J E-8 F-15E F-15E F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 F-16 (Tulsa ANG) F-22 T-38 FAIP T-6 FAIP GAF Eurofighter Tornado Tornado T-6 FAIP
  2. Shep 19-02 F-15C ANG F-16 T-38A ADAIR Langely F-15C ANG E-3 Kadena F-15E T-6 Sheppard F-22A AC-130 A-10C B-52 F-15E F-16 T-38C Sheppard F-35A F-16 F-16 Denmark F-16 Denmark CF-18 Canada
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