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  1. pilotguy

    T38 Down @ KDLF

    No. Such a bad post
  2. It’s simple for me... As it stands I’m 100% getting out when my time is up If I could make 250K (approx year 3 money at an airline) in the AF I’m 100% staying in. No, the problems don’t go away, they just can be overlooked if my time is valued properly monetarily. Id venture to guess that most people would feel the same way.
  3. I’ve never understood the “it’s not about the money” argument. A 6 month deployment is way more tolerable when you’re making 250+ a year. So are alllll the other problems everyone complains about. Same with the wife’s problems.... Close the pay gap with the airlines and you keep a BUNCH of pilots. But couple the known aircrew issues with literally half the pay of a 3rd year airline dude/dudette and the AF doesn’t have a chance. Not sure why this is so hard.
  4. pilotguy

    Finance Problems

    Your family isn’t authorized to be TDY with you even though it’s a TDY enroute. You will get hosed if the nonA says your family is with you. You packed up and have no house anywhere, I get that. But the AF still expects you to be at training alone and won’t reimburse you for family related expenses...be very careful
  5. pilotguy

    Finance Problems

    Question: 10 days again I arrived TDY and went to lodging. They had lodging available but I decided to stay off base instead for 60 per night. Today I decided I wanted to move back on base. They gave me a non A for the rest of my time TDY. What am I entitled to? ”on base” rate for meals for the last 10 days? And then full rate for meals starting now since I have a signed non A??
  6. pilotguy

    Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    Does anyone have a non-A hookup at Ramstein?
  7. pilotguy

    Flat Rate Per Deim - Gone

    Anybody know if the proportional rate is authorized on your orders, but you choose to stay off base for $60 per night, do you still get the proportional meals? this is what the website says...”a. A member (not a civilian employee) is lodged in Gov't Qtrs on a U.S. Installation, and one or two meals are available in a Gov't dining facility/mess on the U.S. Installation;” So what meals rate will I get if I choose to stay off base for $60 per night when lodging is available?
  8. Everyone needs to get out as fast as humanly possible before this gets worse
  9. I thought the T-6 time doesn’t count in the airlines eyes because the jet weighs less than 12,500 lbs...
  10. pilotguy

    Changing/Switching airframes

    They are giving me the 1c argument as well. Anyone else had success keeping that extra year off?
  11. pilotguy

    Changing/Switching airframes

    Is there ever a time where you can get the 3 year ADSC waived for switching airplanes?? Say, going from a C-5 to a T-6? I looked at the reg. It’s clear as mud
  12. Great post. But it’s obvious heavy guys and fighter guys think differently. And that’s fine, I like the idea that those guys are so driven to kill bad guys. Makes me sleep well at night and I appreciate it. While I’m in I’ll enjoy my support roll flying cargo and contributing however I can.
  13. I’ll read it again. And ya not a faip. But after 6 short years in AMC I regret not seeing the light when I was in UPT. Instead, I wanted to rush off to war. Just trying to help the younger folks.
  14. Was referring to this. Apparently upt instructors aren’t as important as people doing real military things. You seemed to agree