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  1. MDDieselPilot

    Flat Rate Per Deim - Gone

    Quick google search doesn't show new policy.. what's the new rate for >30, >180 days, etc?
  2. MDDieselPilot

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    To the OP: I'm the only 11M in my organization. I just requested a reclama to stick around and wait out my ADSC. if that doesn't work I'll 7 day opt. I intend to palace chase/separate when it expires. Ironically, I've been trying to PCS early to get back into flying on the AD side. I can't prove it (unless my functional has the data), but I don't think my leadership actually requested to put me on previous VMLs despite telling me they would. Now, the AF has changed the ADSC reg and I'm not dealing with its BS any longer. But no, I'm not salty. :D
  3. Welp, at some point you've got to sh1t or get off the pot. I think it's time to deuce. Anyone else familiar with 7 day option and/or utilized it before your ADSC expired? Referencing Table 2.9 (36-2110 dated Sep 2009): If I receive an assignment and it does not take me past my longest ADSC, I can exercise the 7 day option and remain in place until my separation date? I'm assuming that while waiting to separate I can apply for Palace Chase and get out sooner.. My UPT ADSC expires 15 months after when my next PCS should occur and GI Bill transfer ADSC expires 25 months after, both of which would be under the 3 years I'd get for requal. Yay for AF shooting itself in the foot with the new ADSC reg.
  4. MDDieselPilot

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Updated Friday...
  5. Hell, on the FB MAF assignment/mentoring page, AMC/A1 said they weren't coord'd on the revision. If true, that is beyond f'd up.
  6. I love how the rules of poker can change mid-hand. This is certainly changing my decision matrix on going back to flying next summer with 1 year of UPT ADSC left. If I decline a PCS, sit in place for an extra year I'll have been out of a jet for 4 years. However, with a solid flying record and ATP in hand, I think/hope a regional will let me buy them a drink while I wait for an interview.
  7. What are the specific plans, or where can I find them?
  8. Scott, Hickam, Andrews, or wherever they get moved. My overall point was more towards the new jet & ADSC rather than that specific location. Have you seen that in writing? None of the dudes I know in those units has heard squat. We've been extremely well taken care of for the few moves that we've been married.. I have no room to complain about AFPC in that regard. But yea, I give it 50/50 for this next move based on limited assignment options.
  9. Copy all, and it's no newsflash for us.. we know many couples who elect to live apart to continue both careers as far as they can. That's not for us. I'd rather sit tight in my current job for an extra year and separate before we live apart, hence wondering what they can force us to do if I've still got ADSC and we both are on the VML.
  10. So we (join spouse) will PCS summer 2019, i'm currently not flying. My UPT ADSC expires Oct 2020. if AFPC is not able to match us to an assignment with my old MWS, can they force me to take a white jet (Scott, Tampa) and therefore 3 year ADSC that would go past my UPT commitment? I say those locations because my wife's rank/job essentially requires she work at a HHQ location.
  11. MDDieselPilot

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    True, but the unfortunate events that happened to him are a separate discussion from pay.
  12. MDDieselPilot

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Ironic on his part.. inflation adjusted, we get paid less than he did to fly.
  13. MDDieselPilot

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    As someone currently assigned to an Army unit - I'm not surprised at all. How anyone does 20 in that branch is beyond me.
  14. MDDieselPilot

    What is right with the Air Force

    Either my googling sucks or McGuire's PA just stopped showing up to work.. Either way, the AF nailed it with two new commanders there. Marc Greene is running the 305 OG & Jim Kerley picked up the OSS. Two of the best people and officers I've known.
  15. MDDieselPilot

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Hah. I had a sq/cc who would call people on the road and bitch at them for letting their email acct lock due to being full. If this happened while on leave, he'd call you in his office when you returned to work and lecture you about how many auto-responses his email received as he tried to send you crap. Dude was straight out of catch-22.