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  1. Does anyone have AFRES in-processing dates for these upcoming TFOT classes in October? I’m being told I will most likely be in one of the October classes, but I’m still struggling to get any info on when in-processing is.
  2. I was picked up on the May reserves board and already have an IFC1 complete and have an MFS scheduled for mid July.(I didn’t do my IFC1 at Wright Patt) Has anyone had any recent experience regarding how long it’ll take to get to OTS once that’s complete?
  3. The 150th SOW in the NM ANG hires for 60s, hc’s, and cv’s....
  4. Has anyone heard when Vermont is supposed to do interview notifications?
  5. Has anyone headed to Portland this week received the follow on email with times?
  6. Thank you for the response! My hiring unit recruiter is telling me I will do my FC1 at the co-located active duty squadron/med squadron. From my reading here https://www.wpafb.af.mil/Welcome/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/853108/usafsam-fci-medical-flight-screening/, it's my understanding that I'll get OTS/UPT dates and then after OTS but prior to IFS, I'll head to Wright Patt for the MFS. Am I understanding that correctly? Can you get NGB approved, and dates/ go to OTS without a MFS? If so then would it then be possible on guard side to commission through OTS, and then for some reason have a hiccup or be disqualified during the MFS?
  7. Hey brotha, great information! I am by no means an expert and am prior, so my experience has been a little different than it probably is for NPS guys/gals. I've actually been hired with an ETP by two ANG units, so I'm by no means saying you can't get an ETP on the guard side. When I had been speaking with the reserves recruiters they all seemed to make ETP's seem like they're pretty simple as long as you get sponsored by a unit. The time table seems to be a little quicker on the reserves side for FC1's and final approvals. The last time I spoke with a reserves recruiter he told me that you could not apply unsponsored needing an ETP. At the end of the day, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.
  8. You have a better chance getting a waiver in the reserves than you do in the guard in my experience. The age limits are the same in both components.
  9. http://www.187fw.ang.af.mil/Careers/Pilot-Hiring-Board-Information/ December.
  10. Did anyone here back today as far as being selected for an interview?
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