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  1. This. I've heard of alternate depth perception tests that if you're able to pass, may constitute waiver-ability. Not sure if it'd help much, but maybe you could take a depth perception test at a civilian doctor and take the results to the flight doc to try to help your case. If you're borderline, I'm sure they'll let you try a different test. That donut test is damn hard and not even the best test for depth perception so do some shopping around if you get my drift. Sorry to hear about this situation, sounds like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Keep looking around and I hope
  2. This. I hear it's generally more selective for enlisted to commission and you'll have a certain amount of time as enlisted before you're able to apply. You're much better off going straight for OTS considering your age.
  3. Study it a little bit if you can. A couple of the sections are counter-intuitive and they only give you a few moments to prepare/practice. The test isn't something to stress over but I wish I had read up on it before going in. Good luck!
  4. Thread revival as I've got a question regarding eruption. I had 1 wisdom tooth removed due to impaction, but the other 3 came is fine with the exception of one of them basically halfway erupted. I know it's hard to predict, but impaction and eruption are 2 different things. Should I concern over this? I had my 1st tooth removed around 5 years ago and neither of the other 3 have bothered me. I leave for OTS in March and am trying to take care of everything that I need to before then.
  5. If you can do as well on the AFOQT as you predict, I'd say you look solid. I've seen people get picked up with quite a spectrum of majors so don't stress about the marketing holding you back. Although extender above makes some good points, my initial thought would be to focus on getting your GPA up and then focus on the AFOQT so you're not spread thin with your studying. This depends on how much time you have and if you're trying to go direct from college to flying. Does the mayor know you well or did you just ask them for a LOR? It's better to have LORs from people who can speak of your chara
  6. I was picked up for AD. Heard the same about approval but have no idea about UPT preference. My recruiter seems not so sure so I've just been looking up other people's timelines from the same board. Hope to see you at UPT!
  7. Can't speak for Wright-Patt but had mine done at Travis. March 31st: Selected June 5th (possibly earlier): Informed that flight phys was scheduled for July 21st. June 21st: Inspect and DEP July 21st: Physical, had larger optic nerve cupping, had to follow up. August 14th: Flight physical complete without waivers. August 17th: Submitted to AETC September 1st: Pending signature and should be approved soon. Probably not exactly what you're looking for but thought I'd give it for reference. Awfully quick in my case as I've seen it take several months
  8. That sounds like the dream. Hope to get there myself some day. I'd love to be able to fly halfway across the state and back just for lunch.
  9. This is awesome. Looks like a great plane to fly, must be a blast. Glad to see that you got back into it. Inspiring stuff man, it's great that you're not letting anything ground you. It's part of my dream to own my own little plane and have a runway as a driveway and a hangar as a garage. Looks like it doesn't need much to land on too.
  10. I've been meaning to fly an Extra for a while now but it's not in the budget yet. I feel like there are so many different planes that I'll always have something on my list to learn. I think bush flying would be pretty fun. 110, that's impressive. Any other favorites other than the Extra?
  11. That's a good point, I've heard about the transition from civilian to military flying but not the opposite. Bet those first few landings felt really weird
  12. Honestly, your OQT and PCSM blows that out of the water so you don't have anything to worry about. I had a 86 PCSM when I applied and that's with over 80 hours. Get a little bit more time and you're set! You're probably going to get picked up even without any more hours. The 172 is a great plane and it's what most of my hours are in. Nothing wrong with it, it's a great trainer for the price. I only suggested a 152 as they're cheaper but the price of a C172N is comparable to a C152. If you're flying S models currently, it'll feel like quite the downgrade. Keep it up! Be consistent and you'
  13. Good to know, I only have a class 3 now anyways. Don't see myself flying commercial anytime soon but I'll make sure to get checked out before I do. Thank you
  14. I've always liked the idea of ASES but it's one of those things that sounds expensive until you see it on paper. I'm not far from Travis and was just there for my IFC. Looking at all different endorsements has been making me feel like I'll have too long of a list to get bored or complacent with flying but I'm still wet behind the ears with just a PPL. That's a great point too. I didn't know about the medical currency but it makes sense since the AF is far more strict than any FAA class. I agree and I also see potential in getting my future kids involved in flying. Don't have many pilot
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