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  1. Here’s the link to the Senate nomination: https://www.congress.gov/nomination/116th-congress/982?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%22%5C%22Air+Force%5C%22%22%7D&s=3&r=11 You can check the latest action, and you can surf around and see when it’s up for a vote on the committee/Senate calendars.
  2. This will be the obvious result...and will result in more sub-par MSG O's getting the nod. There were 14 out of 38 IPZ passed over in my career field, 6% below the mission support average. Assuming, some of those passed over were passed over for good reason, a "fair share" quota could have the perverse effect of promoting ~3 of those, and ensuring ~3 officers in some other category did not get the nod. Hopefully they don't go with a "fair share" scheme and instead run some calculus on future requirements by category...but I don't trust the AFPC community's ability to do that sort of th
  3. Last several years it has been because they are not promoting joint dudes at the same rate as their in-service peers...i.e., officers on JS should have the same rate as HAF officers. Usually it's a one or two person deficiency (i.e., if you only have 20 people in the category, 1 person makes a 5% difference). However, it speaks to either the quality of folks we send to joint jobs, or the fact that they are left hanging when it comes to a push for promotion.
  4. Per law (DOPMA), you are correct, last I checked.
  5. Per the usual. I think it has to be in there or it doesn’t hold up in court.
  6. Not sure it rates anything more than a Natty Lite. I was going home early (for a year and a half at a sweet civilian grad school). I had a bayonet for absolutely no good reason. After my last convoy, in a fit of joy, I mounted it on my weapon and had people throw water bottles up while I tried to catch them. Pictures were taken. After I got on the plane home, some dudes got caught in some buffoonery of their own. They thought if the turned me in, it would save their stripes.
  7. Not glamorous. Got an LOA (the bad kind) on a deployment for some mostly harmless buffoonery, so came home dec-less. My OPR has already closed out and my next assignment was an AAD gig. I didn’t think to put deployment bullets in my training report, but, due some creative AFI reading, I got it put into my OPR at the following assignment. The letter delicately explained why there was an out-of-place bullet in my ROP. I took the opportunity to attach the LOE/Form 77 from the deployment which had a ton of good stuff. I don’t know if that made a difference, or the better PRF, but here
  8. For my 1 BPZ board to O-5, the O-6 for my MAJCOM directorate found out I was "providing well-formatted inputs" into my PRF. My div chief got chewed out. So, lesson learned. For my IPZ board, I merely provided my signed 1 BPZ PRF to my Sq/CC. He probably added a few things and passed up to the group. I didn't see it until it came back signed from the Wg/CC (not personally...hand delivered from the Exec) significantly watered down from my 1 BPZ. Lo and behold, I was passed over. 1 APZ: moved on to a joint job. Took my 1 BPZ PRF, updated with some accomplishments from the pas
  9. I mean, it hasn't always worked out in the past...see the discussion on the forum below around June 3 regarding the former 375 AMW/CC:
  10. As of EOM Feb 2018, per AFPC's RAW site, there were 2,395 active duty line captains who hadn't been somehow considered for a board before (there were 69 2009YG captains showing "selected" and 3 showing once deferred...not sure how that happens). Looking at years groups above, there appear to be about 283 APZ LAF Capts. So, that looks like a total of about 2,478 I/APZ LAF Capts.
  11. Hmm...I've gotten an as-met board for every promotion board (BPZ/IPZ/APZ) and the RIF board since 2013...four total.
  12. I'm pretty sure you don't get charged with an "alleged crime." When you are charged, they are "alleging" that you committed a crime...they crime isn't alleged; you're guilt is. If they aren't certain a crime was committed (i.e., it is only an "alleged" crime), then they probably won't be charging anyone with it. I've been wrong before, but I'm pretty certain that's what JeremiahWeed was referring to..
  13. I saw a guy have to sit at a KOA for two weeks because he was already en route to take command when he was notified of being passed over. The gaining/hiring organization said they no longer wanted him.
  14. NAFs are supposed to be the assigned Air Force component to a COCOM. So, if you did away with 12 AF and AFCENT, would ACC report directly (under COCOM authority) to two different Combatant Commanders? I guess it works in USAFE-AFAFRICA, somehow, but proximity helps there. SOUTHCOM and CENTCOM would be hard-pressed to share stuff. That said, you probably have some unnecessary ones (18th AF and anything in AETC stand out). Global Strike may or may not need them either.
  15. If it’s not “T-0” at the end, it’s waiverable (CSAF or SECAF in this case, I think). Sorry I know that.
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