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  1. I mean, it hasn't always worked out in the past...see the discussion on the forum below around June 3 regarding the former 375 AMW/CC:
  2. As of EOM Feb 2018, per AFPC's RAW site, there were 2,395 active duty line captains who hadn't been somehow considered for a board before (there were 69 2009YG captains showing "selected" and 3 showing once deferred...not sure how that happens). Looking at years groups above, there appear to be about 283 APZ LAF Capts. So, that looks like a total of about 2,478 I/APZ LAF Capts.
  3. Hmm...I've gotten an as-met board for every promotion board (BPZ/IPZ/APZ) and the RIF board since 2013...four total.
  4. Weezer

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    I'm pretty sure you don't get charged with an "alleged crime." When you are charged, they are "alleging" that you committed a crime...they crime isn't alleged; you're guilt is. If they aren't certain a crime was committed (i.e., it is only an "alleged" crime), then they probably won't be charging anyone with it. I've been wrong before, but I'm pretty certain that's what JeremiahWeed was referring to..
  5. I saw a guy have to sit at a KOA for two weeks because he was already en route to take command when he was notified of being passed over. The gaining/hiring organization said they no longer wanted him.
  6. NAFs are supposed to be the assigned Air Force component to a COCOM. So, if you did away with 12 AF and AFCENT, would ACC report directly (under COCOM authority) to two different Combatant Commanders? I guess it works in USAFE-AFAFRICA, somehow, but proximity helps there. SOUTHCOM and CENTCOM would be hard-pressed to share stuff. That said, you probably have some unnecessary ones (18th AF and anything in AETC stand out). Global Strike may or may not need them either.
  7. If it’s not “T-0” at the end, it’s waiverable (CSAF or SECAF in this case, I think). Sorry I know that.
  8. I don’t mind if you bag on me...I understand. Lurking around here long enough, I get a tiny sense of what you guys think/feel about those of us not in the operations community. As much criticism as the 2014 RIF gets for its effect on the rated community, the MSG went through several cuts prior to that, going back to ‘05. Those cuts coincided to times when we had a ton of guys fragged out to support joint and other service missions in CENTCOM. Deploy often and long enough, and you don’t get SOS DL done or no exec jobs and you’re on the chopping block. You guys know the deal. So this negative selection of people out doing combat-related missions (traditional Air Force or not) creates the environment you see in non-OG communities today. I’ve said before there needs to be more inter-breeding and cross-pollination between Ops and Support. I love my joint job...I haven’t touched my primary area of expertise for almost 2 years and gained a whole new set of knowledge. I’ve gotten to do staff work that made its way up to NSC and POTUS (well, as a backup slide). Of course, since I made O-5 and am resurrected, they’re cutting it short to send me to...wait for it...HAF/A4. But, in the words of the warontherocks article...I’m just “happy to be here.”
  9. Truth in advertising: it's a satellite J3 office down in Norfolk, not the Pentagon. If you've seen some of my past posts, you'll see I'm also not an aviator. Some mission support career fields don't place as much value on JCS positions (weird). Shiny pennies go to HAF and work tribal programs. They'll send "second-tier" guys like me to stuff like this. The flyers that we've had down here are upwardly mobile (they have all made O-6 within a year of getting here). Of the mission support folks: I came here passed over, another guy got passed over while here, several guys come here and get ROAD, and a few others are very junior majors or senior captains with a line number, so it doesn't seem to matter much. I was fortunate to have a mission-minded aviator-type help me out, and I am forever grateful.
  10. I got my non-select notification 3 weeks before departing my last assignment (al Udeid short tour) to head to Joint Staff. The push line on my non-select PRF, ironically, was for Joint Staff.
  11. I got picked up last year 1 APZ. I was sitting in Joint Staff, got a #2/16 strat on the bottom line along with a push for SDE and Sq/CC. Did not get a "super P" at all. Pretty surprised when I got the news, but AFPC lady was pretty clear that that command push was 75% of what did me for IPZ. Funny enough, my (successful) APZ PRF looked a lot like my 1BPZ and 2BPZ. Only my IPZ one looked drastically different. Almost as if my SR was deliberately sending a message flagging me as mediocre. Also wrote a letter to the board.
  12. Probably checking everyone's Facebook feed for dinosaur puppet videos.
  13. Weezer

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    It was an AFCENT/A6 budgetary "initiative" in 2015...they uncovered some sort of policy issue with providing it anywhere except "common areas." I don't recall all of the details, and I'd rather forget, anyway.
  14. Weezer

    Wing Re-Org Test

    It’s not a cut drill...they’re not losing manpower (except for group leadership...which is just morphing into the deputies/A-staff). If the functions were pulled up to the staff, you actually would lose bodies. The “improvement” is supposed to be process related, not shedding work or gaining manpower.
  15. Weezer

    Wing Re-Org Test

    I guess my post wasn’t clear...this is the wing-level A-staff, not the NAF or MAJCOM.