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  1. Wing Re-Org Test

    It’s not a cut drill...they’re not losing manpower (except for group leadership...which is just morphing into the deputies/A-staff). If the functions were pulled up to the staff, you actually would lose bodies. The “improvement” is supposed to be process related, not shedding work or gaining manpower.
  2. Wing Re-Org Test

    I guess my post wasn’t clear...this is the wing-level A-staff, not the NAF or MAJCOM.
  3. Wing Re-Org Test

    Here are the proposed functions going on the A-staff. Looks like FSS is now just MPF and Services.
  4. Wing Re-Org Test

    See "not operationally focused within squadron." Examples of A-staff functions are the antiterrorism office from SFS and real property officer from CES. They may functionally fit under that Squadron's umbrella, but don't work day-to-day with the rest of that squadron as much (obviously up for debate). CS has troops who go and do "comm stuff," like CE has plumbers, and SFS has gate guards. An A-staff doesn't "do" things, they staff stuff, advise, etc. So, some part of comm may move under the A-staff, but the day to day dudes who defend the network or whatever won't.
  5. Wing Re-Org Test

    NAFs are supposed to be operational...like when 9 AF was the Air Component of CENTCOM. MAJCOMs are “organize, train, equip” orgs, but with adcon over NAFs...changed a lot recently, though.
  6. Wing Re-Org Test

    Yup...looks a lot like a BCT, although with a lot more "battalion equivalents" under the O-6/7. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. BCTs are organized to fight as BCTs. Every CS/CSS battalion under a BCT supports combat and maneuver. Home station Air Force Wings don't deploy as wings and are, in practice, Organize/Train/Equip organizations. I think the span of control issue for the Wg/CC will need to be addressed. The volume and variety of directly subordinate organizations will be a challenge. Also, what will we do with all the redundant O-6s?
  7. Wing Re-Org Test

    Interesting things going on at MHAB...
  8. More Uniform Changes!

    The "campaign" or "bush" hat is authorized for Special Operations Units by AFI 36-2903, paragraph 9.11.1.
  9. I haven’t found that page to be updated in a timely manner.
  10. When I revealed buffoonery in my past, the main question was whether or not someone could use it against me to, say, influence me to reveal secrets or whatever. In my case, I had been pretty open about it to folks, so it wasn't a deep dark secret I was trying to hide; my answer was "No," and that seemed to be satisfactory.
  11. Problem solved on the pilot shortage.
  12. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I think he was responding to a post I made in another forum following up on the F-16 crash in DC back in April. Somehow ended up in the wrong forum.
  13. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Per the reg (AFI 36-2905), paragraphs 2.25.8 and 9, which have to do with being current when PCSing and also having a 42 day acclimation period following extended (>30 days) TDY, fall under the responsibility of your unit/squadron commander. This person shouldn't get a say in it if your commander is good with it. There's also nothing in AFI 36-2905 (Assignments) saying that you have to do this...in fact paragraph says being out of standards does not affect your assignment, in and of itself.
  14. Viper down in DC

    Follow up article to the initial thread topic. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/air-force-loses-dollar22m-f-16-due-to-engine-assembly-error/ar-AAu6jQE?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  15. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Not sure why this should be limited to bag wearers...shoe clerks shouldn't have to be at the whim of...other shoe clerks either.