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  1. Was flying for the Air Force worth it?

    Thanks for the advice. Seems like everyone's mileage varies. Guess at the end of the day it really is a gut decision. Good to have my expectations checked, after reading this thread I'll have a more realistic outlook no matter what I choose. I'll try to remember to report back in 2 years or so.
  2. Was flying for the Air Force worth it?

    thats insane. so he had enough time to go through flight training while doing neurosurgery? and was still young enough to be eligible? did he have a clone?
  3. Was flying for the Air Force worth it?

    Are there guys out there that are flying F16s a few days a week, and then commercial the other days of the week? If so, that seems like a very nice lifestyle. Or do ANG pilots work full-time?
  4. Was flying for the Air Force worth it?

    Interesting. Any insight on the navy?
  5. Was flying for the Air Force worth it?

    This is something I've thought about. I have had trouble wrapping my mind around what the pros and cons are. If you become a pilot-physician, what are your career prospect like after the military? Having a long-stable career is one of the more appealing parts of medicine, and I wonder if becoming a pilot-physician negates that (as you have specialized in 'flight surgery')?
  6. Was flying for the Air Force worth it?

    I've looked into this a bit and it seems very interesting. I have no idea how something like that would play out though. I wonder if there's a little "jack of all trades, master of none" going this route.
  7. At the end of your commitment for flying for the Air Force, do you think it was worth it? What were some of the other career paths you considered? What was the peak experience of your career? Right now I am a premed who has a good shot of getting into med school. But I think I would always regret it if I didn't go for a UPT slot and try to fly for the military.
  8. Colin Powell email about Hillary

    Thought some of you all might enjoy this, regardless of political views:
  9. Mattis: The Middle East at an Inflection Point

    Very interesting, thank you. I fear our current president has recessed too far, when the pendulum swings back -- it might get ugly.
  10. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    *actively ignoring all of this as i apply for OTS*
  11. A little early, but how do things look?

    how did you get the fishing boat job? I would love to do something like this