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    Doing Well in UPT

  2. Prof_Chaos

    Doing Well in UPT

    Top guy in my Class was a Poly-Sci major. Your college Major means nothing. Pilot math is easy.
  3. Prof_Chaos

    AFROTC Advice

    Go to college, major in anything, join a Frat/Sorority, enjoy college, get good enough grades (dabble in some math), graduate, rush guard/reserve units, Profit.
  4. Prof_Chaos

    SERE and DUNKER req'd?

    Did SERE C and the dunker while I was in the Army. Had to do SERE and H2O survival again in the AF.
  5. Prof_Chaos

    2016 UPT Board

    I was sworn in on Tuesday but haven't heard a peep from the 340th yet.
  6. Prof_Chaos

    2016 UPT Board

    Selected! Best day ever!
  7. Prof_Chaos

    2016 UPT Board

    Any day now I was told. This is the first I am hearing of the 6 year commitment though...