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    AFROTC Advice

    Go to college, major in anything, join a Frat/Sorority, enjoy college, get good enough grades (dabble in some math), graduate, rush guard/reserve units, Profit.
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    I didn't have my PPL had about 20 hours and had soloed when I was hired by AFRC. I'm in UPT now a few weeks from track select and am very glad I went to IFT. It gives you a leg up on other UPT students who only have their PPL, especially those who haven't flown in a while. You'll learn how to do standup, fly an overhead pattern, ELPs, and start to develop a rudimentary AF flying vocabulary. IMHO IFT was fun and totally worth it. 2nd what Pilot Candidate said. If you're worried about potentially failing out of IFT and loosing your pilot slot You have far bigger problems on your hands and should re-think your career choice. If your're scared of IFT then UPT will chew you up and spit you out. Just my $0.02 Go to IFT even if you have your PPL, you wont regret it.
  3. Prof_Chaos

    SERE and DUNKER req'd?

    Did SERE C and the dunker while I was in the Army. Had to do SERE and H2O survival again in the AF.
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    2016 UPT Board

    I was sworn in on Tuesday but haven't heard a peep from the 340th yet.
  5. Prof_Chaos

    2016 UPT Board

    Selected! Best day ever!
  6. Prof_Chaos

    2016 UPT Board

    Any day now I was told. This is the first I am hearing of the 6 year commitment though...