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    Yep, FL is 50/50 regardless from 3 bros I knew who got a divorce there. It was well worth it to them... They're much happier now. As for kids, they didn't have them, but I was the child of divorced parents and we recognize REAL QUICK who the bad parent is. I still can't get my "good parent" to say a negative thing about my "bad parent", but ask any of my siblings who they prefer and they'll laugh because it's a joke... we're all 18+ and holiday visits to the "bad parent" are minimal at best. Looks like your oldest daughter already knows... Just don't EVER let them see you show negative emotion
  2. As it's been explained to me, this is the exact reason they took it out of the T-6 syllabus. They're trying to push studs through T-6 as fast as possible, and ELPs can be pushed to phase III (or further) to make that happen. I don't have wings, so I don't worry my nugget with deciding whether or not I agree... But that's what we're being told.
  3. It will be almost as funny as when the liberal media went after Mattis for saying it was fun to shoot terrorists who treat their wives like shit. Turns out Americans don't think it's insensitive to enjoy killing bad guys... A win's a win. I truly believe the only reason they haven't asked him if he thinks Trump "colluded with the Russians" is because they know they won't like his answer, and he'll make them look silly by asking for trivial things like "evidence" and "motive." Keep attacking/spellchecking his mean tweets... that's the left's bread and butter right now.
  4. More than a full page out of 412 pages... "Steele's possible bias"... Yeah, no intent to mislead there... But I actually don't know and don't plan on reading it. Carter Page seems like a worm, but it's not illegal to have a strange love obsession with Putin (well Maybe in Russia if you're a dude). That's what separates us from actual fascists... Charge him with a crime or stop violating his right to privacy... I'm gonna go ahead and predict that he comes out as Putin's gay lover. At least then I can watch all my lib friends tear themselves in half trying to decide whether they want to (1)
  5. Should've told him he had a piece of flag stuck to his shoe and see if he looked down to check
  6. Yeah but did you see that raccoon climb the building?
  7. Can't speak for the other bases, but Columbus just announced that classes will be split in half and will now start every 2 weeks as opposed to every 3 weeks. Also, instead of having the class remain together throughout training, the class will be split up into groups of about 2 and put into flights. The intent is to allow fast/slow swimmers to have someone on their skill level if needed (formation checks were used as an example), instead of making fast swimmers wait or washing out those that are behind. The tenets are the same: Control what you can control, work your ass off, and find tim
  8. You're talking about very different time periods with respect to how quickly information can be gathered. I can only dream of a world where Twitter was around during Bill Clinton's Presidency...
  9. I thought SERE was awarded to SEALS for good behavior.
  10. Yeah, seems like a drug deal... And as you pointed out, sometimes drug deals go bad.
  11. You can have all your paperwork sent to NGB without the FC1, but (to my knowledge) NGB approval is not possible without successfully passing the FC1. So no OTS dates until NGB approval, and no NGB approval until FC1 stamped. Like AlphaPapa said, talk to student flight (since that's what you will fall under) when you go to swear in. They will work it up the chain of command and get approval to attend/miss drill, and who you should report to.
  12. Apparently so does Trump: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/08/world/middleeast/trump-iran-nuclear-deal.html Amazing how NYT says the Iran Deal was "the signature foreign policy achievement of his predecessor, Barack Obama"... Obama's signature foreign policy achievement was a "deal" that Iran never signed... speaks volumes
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