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  1. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    They let them draw dicks in the sky
  2. I've heard non-priors, not age critical, no waivers required taking 4-5 months. A few people I know had to wait 6 months between swearing in and FCI.
  3. USAFA: Being masculine is bad

    Unfortunately, that's happened with almost every single news story I've seen about racist writings and/or the N word spray painted somewhere. Not saying there aren't legitimate cases, but the ones I've seen are almost always perpetuated by a member of the race/gender/whatever that is being slurred. Last year around this time there were 4-5 news stories about how people were coming into restaurants, not tipping the Hispanic waiter/waitress, and writing something crazy like "Go back to Mexico. We don't want you in our country." Sometimes they'd add a "#TrumpMAGA", a particularly ugly slur, or something else stupid like that at the end to set off the bullshit-meter early. Turns out it takes local law enforcement about 0.69 seconds to visit the restaurant, see the receipt, possibly contact the name on the credit card, and obviously prove it to be a bad fake. For a racist police force, it turns out they take claims of racism very seriously...
  4. Gun Talk

    Ha, you got triggered by a picture of a gun. Anyway, since you've already referenced the tragic shooting in Texas (and even commented on that thread), I think he's suggesting the other thread might be a more directed place to voice your opinion. Hell, you can even open up a new thread.. God knows those with enough foresight already have popcorn in hand waiting for your next post, wherever it falls.
  5. Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    Dad was active duty for 20+ years. They knew everything about me medically. They pulled up a screen and said "looks like this was in your medical record" to which I replied "I don't remember that being a part of my history. I'm not necessarily denying it since I just go to the doctor when I'm sick, which is extremely rare, but I just don't remember that ever coming up." So that was written down in the notes and when I got to the final doc he looked into all the notes the nurse practitioner made 4+ years ago, said something to the effect of "oh they must've just said they never did a follow up appointment after you went in the first time for being sick", then basically scratched it out and said "no big deal" and off I went. I honestly had nothing to hide, but I didn't want something in my medical records that wasn't completely accurate. I have no problem proving I'm healthy with no previous health issues. I rarely get sick, so when something like that comes up I just want to make sure it's in my files correctly.
  6. Off the Street Pilot Select - Enlist First to MEPS, etc?

    1. MEPS 2. Enlist at your unit 3. Packet to NGB (sometimes done after FCI) 4. FCI 5. TFOT (OTS)
  7. FCI is much more in depth and passing an FAA first class doesn't mean anything to the USAF. That being said, one of the units I applied to required it, so it's not bad if you went ahead and got it anyways.
  8. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    We're trying to rationalize the response to an inconceivable evil. The fact that this evil committed the deadliest mass shooting in the US without ANY indicator(s) / motive (that we know of as of today) goes far beyond any political gun debate, and that's why it's driving everyone absolutely fucking crazy.
  9. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Fuck that, I'll watch hockey. Those guys stand for the national anthem and until recently most of them were Canadian. Plus, this way I still get to watch paid professionals get decleated (de-skated?) and square off like boxers from the early 1900s.
  10. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Or "Institutional oppression"... Impossible to disprove, definitely exists to some extent (which can be blown out of proportion because you can't disprove it), and the added bonus of being called fascist if you question its reach and prefer to take an approach based on individual complaints rather than saying that (1) everyone in one group is oppressed and (2) everyone who isn't oppressed is basically aiding the oppressors and should be punished. Collectivism 101 You don't have to agree with what Trump said to question the kneeling.
  11. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Can't find it. What did they say? HaHa Clinton-Dix posted words from the "NFL League Rulebook" that basically gave guidelines for the anthem and stated that those who do not follow the guidelines could face discipline. He has also worn cleats with the names of four slain officers to honor them during a preseason game. http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/25/green-bay-packers-star-takes-subtle-shot-at-national-anthem-protesters/ “I understand what’s going on in this world,” the Green Bay Packers third-year safety said. “But cops have to go home at the end of the day. They have a family. They have to go home, too. “Growing up where I’m from, some people are afraid of cops. They don’t really like cops. And what a lot of people don’t realize is, they’re really not the bad guys. They’re really on our side, they’re really trying to help us out. And sometimes, we don’t understand that.” https://www.sbnation.com/2017/8/22/16186514/ha-ha-clinton-dix-honor-four-fallen-police-officers-cleats As for Dak Prescott (and Dez Bryant): https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2017/08/28/dak-prescott-tempted-protest-national-anthem-take-freedom-granted
  12. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    You must be mistaken. California gun laws are strict, like in Chicago, so it's pretty much impossible for criminals to get their hands on one. Robber's Mom: "Stabbing somebody that many times, it doesn't take that many stab wounds to get somebody to succumb to you." Wow, it's a mystery as to why your son didn't grow up to be a model citizen. Also, she seems to be an expert on submission through stabbing. How many times do you stab a man pointing a gun in another person's face before he is neutralized? Do you stab 5 times, then give the robber a chance to (1) run or (2) reach for their weapon and possibly shoot/stab you back in the interest of fair fighting? Is the initial number of stabs based on height, weight, strength, gender, and age of the criminal to be neutralized? Do you get to subtract the stabs received by the good Samaritan (1 to the neck in this case) from the initial number based on the variables? Is there a multiplier based on stab location (the neck is worse than the foot I would think)? The math might get tricky. A little advice from my old man (I'm sure, being a veteran, he didn't come up with it): Don't EVER point a gun at something you don't intent to shoot, and be damn sure you've considered all of the consequences of such a decision before acting.
  13. AF Form 8

    www.e-publishing.af.mil/ Search "AF8" in the upper right hand corner.
  14. CFB 2017

    Well, at least for both teams I can't imagine they'll play worse games than that anytime soon. I honestly think those are the worst performances out of those two teams I've ever seen. Bama vs. FSU seemed like a battle of who could suck more when awesome field position was given to the offense.... FSU "won"
  15. Retake the AFOQT? Help!!

    I definitely say study your ass off and retake the AFOQT. No one will be able to tell you exactly how much your PCSM will rise, but raising your AFOQT pilot will definitely have a positive impact on your PCSM. Plus, you already seem to be leaning heavily towards a retake. I don't know how true this is today, but I've read that a few people were sent to IFS/IFT (even when they had a PPL) because they did NOT have an 80 PCSM with their hours. The category that shows the greatest percentage of successful UPT completion in the most recent PCSM study is 79-99. Does that mean that someone with a 79 PCSM has the exact same chance to complete UPT as someone with a 99 PCSM? No, I don't personally think so... but there isn't a more recent study to back up my claim. Finally, after you bump up your AFOQT, I would definitely finish your PPL. The PPL is a major box to check, plus the extra hours will push you into higher PCSM columns, so that's 2 very big reasons to keep flying at your stage. If your AFOQT retake makes it so that you can break 80/90 at 101-200 hours instead of 201+ hours, you've already halved the amount of time/money you need to be competitive.