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  1. Just got my dates so figured I would post (I am Guard): Interview/Hired: April 2016 Sworn in: May 2016 FC1: August 2016 TFIT/TFOT: 19 January 2016 UPT: 8 June 2016
  2. Damn man, that's awesome. I finished my FC1 in August, and my recruiter still hasn't put it in. I think I am going to keep calling and see if I can't nudge him to finish it. Thanks.
  3. When did they actually submit your Packet to the Guard Bureau? From what I understand my recruiter is getting my FC1 results then putting the packet together. I would really like to go to TFOT in January... but who knows.
  4. When did you put your packet up to the Guard bureau? I just got my FC1 results back, and he said he's going to put the packet together before too long. He said it takes a while for him because he has to get signatures from all sorts of people, but once he sends it up to the NGB that it takes on average 5-10 weeks. however I have seen on here that it can take as little as a couple weeks for some people. just curious what your experience was. I also got hired in April, and will be IFS exempt. Hopefully I can go soon!
  5. Not necessarily, I have made sure she knows how busy I am going to be during UPT. She knows that she will basically be the second priority if I need to study or something. She will also be busy with grad school online, so that helps too. My brother went through at Laughlin and they had a really good group for the wives in his class and they often did stuff together and hung out a fair amount. I can't imagine trying to plan a wedding during UPT (based on how busy I have seen my brother) or trying to do long distance. Just seems like more work to me.
  6. I have yet to go through UPT (waiting on dates), but I asked my brother and cousin about it who both graduated about a year ago. I just got married as well, so I was especially curious before I got married whether I should wait or not. My brother got married about 6 months before UPT, and he said that was the best decision he has made. He said as long as she realizes how busy you will be, it is better to have her there with you rather than not. My cousin decided to wait until after UPT to get married (got married about 4 months after UPT), and he said it was more difficult with long distance and more time consuming than marriage has been so far for him. He said if he could do it over again, than he would get married beforehand. However, they are both guard tanker guys (what I got hired as also), so deployments are much shorter (30-60 day tours) and their now wives realized that after UPT things would cool down much more.
  7. Thanks. Also, do you know if the depth perception test is that same circle one at MEPS? I did fine on that... but someone mentioned them potentially changing soon.
  8. I found this link and am a bit worried. I can see everything easiery with my eyes opened, sitting 36 inches from the screen in a dark room like they do with the actual test. When I close one eye it takes a second for my eyes to adjust then I can read the 80/90 lines fairly easily. The red ones are a little more difficult for me. Can anyone say whether this is easier/harder than the actual test? I got hired for a UPT slot with a guard unit and am taking my FC1 in a couple weeks and am worried about this portion of it. Thanks to everyone!
  9. Man, that would be awesome. I really hope that's the case. Maybe the guy I was talking to was wrong as he was just part of my in processing stuff since I wasn't prior enlisted.
  10. Got picked up this past April. Interviewed April 2016 Hired April 2016 Sworn in June 2016 FC1 August 22, 2016 No dates for anything else yet. Apparently I won't get any dates until my TS has been fully adjudicated... which apparently they are fairly backed up right now. I submitted my SF-86 about a month ago.
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