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  1. Fly4five

    VA Loans

    I’ll give him a shout, thanks!
  2. Fly4five

    VA Loans

    Anyone have any recommendations for lenders in WA? We’re moving to Fairchild and are looking to buy with a builder. The builder gets a construction loan and we do a normal home mortgage from what they told me. Looking for great rates and easy to work with.
  3. Fly4five

    Finance Problems

    Yea I talked with some guys and am going to go ahead with it. I’m PCS enroute and they are on my orders so I’m with you. I got the letter and will be using it since they are listed on there. I don’t have separate orders for my TDY and PCS.
  4. Fly4five

    Finance Problems

    They are on my PCS orders but the block talking about TDY doesn’t say one way or another. It just states student must use government lodging if available. The problem is if they weren’t with me they would be able to accommodate me and I wouldn’t get the non A letter. It sounds like it’s better to just turn in my receipts at the end of the month without the non a letter and just suck up the extra charges.
  5. Fly4five

    Finance Problems

    I have a lodging question too. I’m currently TDY enroute to my PCS location and receiving BAH for my family while I’m here. My family decided to accompany me and I checked on base to see if they had lodging that could accommodate all of us and they said no. The gave me a non a letter but it does say accompanied by family on it. Will that cause a flag to finance and stop my BAH payment? Or am I good to go to turn in the letter to get my full reimbursement every month for our Crashpad?
  6. Fly4five

    Flat Rate Per Deim - Gone

  7. Fly4five

    Change to Air Force Color Vision Policy

    Are we able to pull up our waivers in the portal somewhere? Or see the status of new waivers being submitted?
  8. KCBM 18-13 T1 KC135 Maine ANG MC12 OK ANG C17 ANG KC135 Kadena C130 Dyess C130 AR ANG C130 NV ANG C130 Ramstein E3 Tinker KC10 Travis KC10 NJ AFRC x2 T1 Faip KCBM CV-22 Cannon T-38 F16 TBD TBD F15E Seymour F15C LA ANG B52 Barksdale E3 Tinker C130 Yokota T6 Faip KCBM
  9. Can someone give me a view on the EC-130 life? Family life, Mission, Etc. I’m looking into it based on what I’ve heard but just wanted some more insight around the community. Thanks
  10. Fly4five

    House for rent

    Does anyone have a 4 bedroom house in the Columbus/Caledonia area for rent. We are headed there in April and can't find a place with a good school for my son.
  11. Fly4five

    Columbus AFB Information

    Does Caledonia middle school send a bus to base?
  12. Fly4five

    Columbus AFB Information

    I'll be headed to Columbus soon. What time does the day generally start? I'm trying to figure out housing and how early I'd have to leave depending on where I live and when we report in every morning.
  13. Fly4five

    IFT Start Dates

    I just got my UPT orders at OTS and my data sheet has a projected training section with a date and an item that says SV8AS and a grad date. I googled it and IFT is the first thing that pops up but can someone verify what that is? It's like two weeks after I graduate from OTS
  14. I'll be in the latter January class. Active pilot select prior service Army. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk