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  1. CAFB 19-02 T-38: F-16 TBD T-6 FAIP CBM U-28 Hurlburt F-15E Seymour B-52 Barksdale F-15E Seymour AC-130J Hurlburt T-6 FAIP CBM T-38 FAIP CBM F-16 TBD T-1: KC-135 RAF Mildenhall E-3 Tinker KC-135 Grissom ARB KC-135 Fairchild C-17 Charleston T-6 FAIP CBM T-6 FAIP CBM KC-135 Kadena C-5 Dover C-17 McChord C-130J Dyess C-130J Ramstein AC-130J Hurlburt Sent from my VS988 using Baseops Network mobile app
  2. CAFB 19-01: T-1: C-146 Duke Field FL AFRC C-17 McChord KC-135 WI ANG E-3 Tinker C-130H TX ANG C-17 Charleston MC-12 OK ANG T-1 FAIP CBM C-17 NC ANG C-130J Ramstein T-38: T-6 FAIP CBM TBD JASDF B-1 Dyess F-22 Tyndall (RIP) T-6 (ALP): F-16 Iraq M-346 Rwanda
  3. Between these two drops and what I've heard about Laughlin, then yeah, this pretty much takes the cake. All fighters, bombers, and FAIPs, no heavies. And everyone was thinking doom and gloom at the end of the fiscal year.
  4. CAFB 18-14 Drop T-1: KC-10 McGuire C-5 Dover C-12 Elmendorf KC-135 Fairchild U-28 Hurlburt C-17 Travis C-17 Charleston C-17 McChord T-1 FAIP CBM 2x C-17 PA AFRC C-130J MS AFRC T-38: 3x F-16 TBD 2x F-15E Seymour F-15C Kingsley A-10 DM T-38 FAIP CBM T-6 FAIP END 2x B-1 Dyess B-52 Barksdale
  5. Ulysses

    iPhone app inop

    Anyone still having issues with the app? Tried deleting and reinstalling on Android. It keeps shutting down after three seconds with the notice "Network error, please try again later. (get_config)"
  6. CAFB 18-12 Drop: T-38: T-6 FAIP Columbus B-52 Barksdale TBD JSDAF F-16 TBD TBD JSDAF F-15E Seymour A-10 DM T-1: KC-135 McConnell KC-135 Fairchild MC-130H Kadena KC-135 March ARB KC-10 McGuire KC-135 MacDill KC-135 Fairchild C-5 Dover C-130J Little Rock KC-135 Fairchild C-17 TN ANG MC-130J Kirtland KC-135 RAF Mildenhall T-6 FAIP Columbus C-130J Dyess C-130J Ramstein KC-10 Travis ARB
  7. Better late than never... CBM 18-10 & 11: T-38: 2x F-16 WI ANG F-16 DC ANG T-6 FAIP CBM MC-130J Kirtland EC-130 DM U-28 Hurlburt C-130J Yokota T-38A ADAIR Tyndall C-130J Little Rock F-16 TBD F-15E SJ T-1: C-5M Dover KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 KS ANG C-130J Little Rock UH-60J JSDAF C-130J Dyess KC-135 MS ANG C-17 Charleston U-28 Hurlburt C-17 OH AFRC C-17 McChord KC-135 RAF Mildenhall C-17 WV ANG T-1 FAIP CBM C-17 Travis C-17 Dover C-130J MS AFRC CV-22 Hurlburt RC-135 Offutt C-2 JASDF C-21 Ramstein
  8. CBM 18-08: T-38: 4x F-16 TBD 1x F-15E Seymour 1x A-10 DM 1x T-6 FAIP DLF 1x JASDF TBD T-1: 1x U-28 Hurlburt 1x HC-130 NY ANG 1x C-5 Travis 1x T-1 FAIP CBM 1x T-6 FAIP CBM 1x C-130J Ramstein 1x C-130H IL ANG 1x KC-10 Travis 4x KC-135 Fairchild, TN ANG, PA ANG, MD AFRC 3x C-17 Dover, Travis, McChord
  9. CAFB 18-06 Drop T-1: C-17 McChord C-130J Little Rock CV-22 Cannon KC-135 AL ANG C-130J Yokota U-28 Hurlurt KC-135 Kadena KC-135 McConnell T-6 FAIP Columbus C-130J Ramstein KC-135 Fairchild WC-130J Keesler C-21 Ramstein B-52 Barksdale T-38: F-16 TBD B-52 Barksdale F-15C Kingsley Field T-6 FAIP Columbus EC-130H Davis-Monthan F-16 TBD F-16 TBD
  10. CBM 18-10 Track: 7× T-38 (2 Saudi, 1? ANG) 21× T-1 (2 Japanese, several ANG/Reserves) 1× TH-1
  11. CAFB 18-08 track select: 19x T-1 (approximately) 8x T-38 (one Japanese) 2x TH-1 And two Afghan A-29 dudes who are a few rides behind tracking their second round of T-6 training soon
  12. Word on the street is that classes who just track selected (so within the last six weeks or so, give or take) are being told that they can expect the bomber drops from T-1s that were talked about so extensively a few months ago. Maybe that's just the rumor mill, or maybe it's taken this long to get the ball rolling on that idea. As for the reduced fighter drops, at least at CBM a lot of that lately is due to T-38 guys washing into the next class. That's been happening somewhat erratically as I understand it, so some classes' 38 drops look smaller since they might've lost some of their own guys but didn't gain any from the previous class.
  13. Anyone know whether they're​ still PCSing the occasional guy to Shepard after track select? Sent from my LG-H810 using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  14. This sounds like a really good point. Have you seen this shift in perspective be the case for other/most older guys as time goes on and families start coming into the picture? It sounds like it's just a fact of life. Also do you think guys see OIR as not as much of a "meaningful conflict?"
  15. Bump because this thread is great and I'd love to see anyone else's opinions and experiences Sent from my LG-H810 using Baseops Network Forums mobile app