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  1. CAFB 18-08 track select: 19x T-1 (approximately) 8x T-38 (one Japanese) 2x TH-1 And two Afghan A-29 dudes who are a few rides behind tracking their second round of T-6 training soon
  2. Word on the street is that classes who just track selected (so within the last six weeks or so, give or take) are being told that they can expect the bomber drops from T-1s that were talked about so extensively a few months ago. Maybe that's just the rumor mill, or maybe it's taken this long to get the ball rolling on that idea. As for the reduced fighter drops, at least at CBM a lot of that lately is due to T-38 guys washing into the next class. That's been happening somewhat erratically as I understand it, so some classes' 38 drops look smaller since they might've lost some of their own guys but didn't gain any from the previous class.
  3. Anyone know whether they're‚Äč still PCSing the occasional guy to Shepard after track select? Sent from my LG-H810 using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  4. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Goddammit I done SNAPped again. Sent from my LG-H810 using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  5. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    [REDACTED] Sent from my LG-H810 using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  6. This sounds like a really good point. Have you seen this shift in perspective be the case for other/most older guys as time goes on and families start coming into the picture? It sounds like it's just a fact of life. Also do you think guys see OIR as not as much of a "meaningful conflict?"
  7. Bump because this thread is great and I'd love to see anyone else's opinions and experiences Sent from my LG-H810 using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  8. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Well shit, this was no joke the first article to come up in my search and I ended up reading others instead, until just now. That just about answers all my questions vis-a-vis the Bronco. Suppose it's well and truly off the table now. I'm anxious to see what ends up getting picked, given the seemingly official go-ahead on the program (again) following announcements at the AWS this month.
  9. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    So I've been trying to do some reading up on this, both retroactively through this thread and through a few other sources. Are the most serious contenders right now the A-29 and maybe the new kid Scorpion? I've seen gradually less and less on the AT-6 and the Bronco as time has gone on and more pieces are written on this. And although we currently fly the A-29 training the Afghans, is there a chance that we'd run into acquisition trouble what with it coming from Embraer? The Navy's similar Imminent Fury program fell through a few years back partly because Congress didn't want a foreign plane. With reference to pbar's article a few weeks back, that was a super helpful analysis. Is there any chance Boeing's proposals of sprucing up the OV-10 for modern conflicts will be followed through on? The article said it had a 500lb payload, which seems absolutely minuscule to the point of maybe being inaccurate, but I wouldn't know. Part of me just likes the kind of retro appeal of the Bronco and I want to think it's got a shot here, but that's irrelevant.
  10. SNAP question: are white jets VIP transport or an IP gig?
  11. So END gets a lot more 38s than CBM here in this drop. Is that solely due to issues at CBM (chiefly maintenance, as someone said) or are there other factors? My old CC explained it to me that you're not really competing for tracks against students at your base and your base alone -- you're essentially competing against the 60-90 students at all three bases. Is this the case? And are they still PCSing guys down to Sheppard to take the pressure off the 38 manning at the other bases? Solid attitude man, thanks for the advice. Need to keep that in mind myself. Best of luck when it comes to drop night in a few months!
  12. ENJJPT selection

    Oh absolutely, if I had the money I probably would've done so myself. I just take some issue with it because I'm sure there are guys out there who would make great pilots but don't have the money to invest there.
  13. ENJJPT selection

    You're right, I dun goofed, but the point stands. People sometimes buy their pilot/ENJJPT slots.
  14. ENJJPT selection

    Speaking from the AFROTC side, the biggest factors were PCSM and then GPA, in that order. Guys could in essence often "buy" an ENJJPT slot by paying for a ton of hours or a PPL to get that 100 PCSM. What's your commissioning source?
  15. Yeah I get excited and ask a lot of questions, sorry if I sound stupid. I'll get to figure this all out firsthand in a few months.