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  1. That’s what Blitz told me. I think they actually may have pushed the board back a ways too so I’d ask about that.
  2. Look into the A-10s st Whiteman in Missouri. I got picked up last year and I I’ve been told there are a lot fewer applicants than we had last year.
  3. Ryleypav pretty much nailed it. Definitely while person. Most of the time the thought process is they can teach anyone to fly. They can’t teach you to be a decent human. The A-10s belong to the reserve unit. B-2s belong to active duty and guard. There is also an army guard black hawk unit and I believe some active duty RPA. All at Whiteman.
  4. As far as I know, it is disqualifying. You could try to submit anyways and just let them know you are working on it and hope to have it by next board but you want to get your name and scores in the mix. As for orders, it really all depends. I have orders now but with government funding, nothing is ever easy or guaranteed.
  5. I got picked up to fly A-10s with the 303rd Fighter Squadron at Whiteman AFB last year. I spoke with the hiring manager and they have far fewer applicants this year than they had last year so if you’re looking to get in an A-10, the odds are better than they were for me so send in your applications! Applications are due April 15th and the board is in June. There won’t be any official meet and greets but feel free to try to visit during the April or May UTA. 303fshiring@gmail.com https://bogidope.com/job-listings/303rd-fighter-squadron-0
  6. I was able to update mine when I hit a milestone. Went from 78 to 81 hours which got me the extra points. It was my unit that was hiring and I knew them already which may have helped but I would definitely try. Worst they can do is say no.
  7. Feel free to DM me. That goes for anyone else out there too. I’d be down to have a phone call about what my interview experience was like and give any pointers. I never went the consulting route so I can’t really speak to that...
  8. @Sopwith Camel I recently got picked up by a fighter unit with an 82 PCSM and a 2.56 GPA and first ever interview. I was also almost 28. It’s because I knew the pilots. I was told after the fact that guys with better scores got bumped out so I could get an interview and I had the lowest scores at the interview. It all comes down to knowing them. Contact a couple units you want to apply to and ask to go out there and get to know them. The longer they know you (and like you) the better chance you have. You could try joining a unit too? Being a crew chief gives you a lot of exposure to the pilots, they can see how your attitude is and watch how you work. Also, everyone likes hiring from inside their own unit family. Just a thought.
  9. Have you been to any of the meet and greets? I was picked up by an A-10 unit with probably the lowest scores at the interview. I also hear that a few people with better scores were left out of the interview process all together because I got one. Long story short, they bumped me into the interviews because they already knew me. They hired me because they liked me, not for the scores. Get to know the guys at the units before you ever get to the interviews. You’ll interview a whole lot better and since they will already know you, you’ll have a leg up on the guys that they meet just the one day. Feel free to PM me for more details.
  10. Robspenc, I'll back up elvis. It might delay your ability to enter by a year or so but going ANG is a great way to get a ton of tuition help. You're gunna need to go through college anyways so might as well make some easy money doing it. It also gives you an advantage with that specific unit since you are internal but I would still apply to as many units as possible. You'll be "off the street" with other units but having prior service may give you a slight edge. Another thing, the pilot community is fairly small and many ANG/Reserve pilots know members at other units. Being in a unit could help you gain some leverage at other units by networking through your pilots. If you do decide to enlist, try to choose an AFSC that will get you exposure to the pilots. Working as a crew chief on the flight line may not be the most desirable job but you gain knowledge of the aircraft and you'll be the one launching and recovering the aircraft which means loads of pilot exposure.
  11. Do I need to officially update my PCSM score with added flying hours? It shows what my scores will be with the hour increase but didn't know if I have to submit them officially
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