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  1. Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    6-8 is pretty standard. Haven't seen more than 8 yet. Drop every 5 weeks. 11 drops per FY.
  2. Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    18-01 Helo drop CV-22 Cannon UH-1N FE Warren UH-1N Andrews HH-60 Moody HH-60 Davis-Monthan HH-60 Kadena HH-60 Patrick (reserve) HH-60 Moffett (guard)
  3. Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    KEND T38 F15C Kingsley Field (guard) F15C Kingsley Field F15E Seymour Johnson F16 Luke F35 Luke (B2 fakeout) B2 Whiteman T6 FAIP T1 C130J Channel Islands (guard) C5 Dover (guard) C130H Wyoming (guard) C130J McGuire (guard) 2xRC135 Offutt C130J Little Rock C146 Duke T1 FAIP CV22 Hurlburt AC130W Cannon C17 Charleston
  4. Info on flight boots

    Did you have to get the AoR for wearing these? I don't wanna blow another $140 on "flight approved" boots when I already have these.
  5. FAIP Q&A

    Ok, new question... Could I go T-6 ---> FAIP T-6 ---> Mother Rucker -----> Helo?
  6. FAIP Q&A

    Hoping to revive this topic if there are any FAIPs out there now. My question is, could I track helos, do my Phase 3, come back to FAIP T-6 at Vance and then head to my first duty station as a helo driver? I know this would be a round-a-bout way to get there, but looking at family complications as well. Thanks!