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  1. Anyone have any experience with a guard pilot going to PIT and doing a temporary assignment as an instructor at a upt base? Is it even a thing, and what avenues are there to make it happen? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'll be down at XL in August, curious to know what the morale is like down there right now.
  3. Thanks for the reply vipers. The lady that was running the test wouldn't really give me a straight answer as far as what would happen if I couldn't improve on that frequency, and it was leading me to think I may get DQ'd for it. They had some earplugs in there, so I'm definitely going to take your advice.
  4. I am currently at OTS, and we just took our hearing test yesterday. Unfortunately, I did not pass the 6000hz level on my left ear. I have a bit of a cold right now and hopefully I can attribute the failure to that. I was sent to IDMT today and they gave me some sudafed to take for the next few days, and they are going to let me retest next week. A little background on myself, I am a non-prior guard pilot select, and I made it trough meps and my FC1 (Sept 2016). Anybody have any advise or tips? I'm stressing pretty bad over this. Thanks.
  5. May want to mention to your recruiter that he can submit the packet to the NGB without the FC1 results back yet. My recruiter was waiting on my medical results to submit mine, but he found out that he could submit the package for approval without the FC1 results. Mine was was submitted last week for what its worth. Hope to hear something back soon.
  6. Me and the guy I got hired with have both been asking tons of questions from people at our unit, but it always seems like nobody knows anything, and then they send you to ask someone else Were you prior enlisted by any chance? Didn't know if that helped speed up the process any.
  7. Wow thats fast. I got hired November 2015, and did FC1 on Aug 15, 2016. Still no dates, and I don't even think my unit has my fc1 results yet. Did you do your fc1 at Wright-Patt?
  8. I am currently awaiting dates for OCS and UPT and I have a question that I have had a hard time finding an answer to. How feasible is it to make a visit home on weekends from upt? My reason for asking is because I currently have a girlfriend, but she will not be able to move with me because she is still in school. I know that this depends on what base I get selected for, but I am really keeping my fingers crossed for Columbus ( I live in Georgia). I also have a Piper Comanche that I was thinking I may could take with me and keep at one of the local airports and use it to fly back to Georgia some weekends which would only take about 2 hours(From Columbus). I know that I wouldn't be able to go back to see her every weekend, but I was hoping that I could at least make the trip once a month. Is this even possible? And are students allowed to take leave on the weekends? Any help would be appreciated.
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