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  1. This is inspiring. Thanks. That settles it...retire ASAP, apply airlines (particularly Cargo) & for VRRAD as a back up. -Caveman
  2. Any updates on VRRAD slots or experiences? I’m on active duty (current heavy IP) with over 19 years in....Airlines are not looking promising. I can’t just hang out on active & hope the AF doesn’t hammer me (2.5 years deployed Mideast, but no 365). I was thinking I’d retire, & as soon as the retire orders are produced, apply for VRRAD to do the exact same flying job I’m already doing. Possible? Caveman
  3. I don't understand how the big blue can seriously lock folks in for 20 as Majors. Title 10 law states you will be discharged if you fail to make rank, unless offered continuation, which the member can decline. AFI also reflects this (but don't expect MPF to explain this to you). 10 U.S. Code § 632 - Effect of failure of selection for promotion: "each officer of the Air Force, on the active-duty list who holds the grade of major, who has failed of selection for promotion to the next higher grade for the second time and whose name is not on a list of officers recommended for promotion to the next higher grade shall be discharged".
  4. Enlisted Pilots? We already have a program where motivated E's can become pilots, it's called OTS. It works too. I know because I'm one of them. If an E thinks going to college while working is too tough....then pilot training will be impossible.
  5. I don't get it. Rand study says $60k needed, AF asks for $48k, NDAA authorizes $35, but AF decides on $25k?Is this the final answer? I'm glad the passed over dudes have the option to stay in. Can't expect personnel staff to follow personnel memos.
  6. I thought the days of blatantly screwing people out of a retirement were over (due to pilot shortage). Guess not.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong; but if you get passed over twice, you have to be out in 6 months, unless in sanctuary or offered continuation (which you can decline). You have 2 months to decline & then you revert to being out in 6 months or forced retire at 20 (if in sanctuary). These are mandatory separation dates are spelled out in US Code Title 10 & AFI reflects it. Manditory Sep dates overrules the bonus commitment, PCS & requal commitments. It's like an involuntary discharge.
  8. ^^ THIS What is the new bonus policy & when will it be released? All talk, no action. If pilots used bureaucracy/lack of support as an excuse, planes would never get off the ground. Why can't they get anything done in a timely manner? Maybe they need 5 more working groups to discuss the meeting schedule, approved acronym list & appropriate letterhead.
  9. Any word on FY17 bonus timeline? Considering Congressional budget issues, AF only takes 1/2 the blame for being 8 months into the FY w/ no policy. $35k was in the NDAA, but I've never seen anything official from the AF. My UPT ADSC is almost up, I'm eligible to start outprocessing this summer. WTF
  10. https://www.stripes.com/air-force-chief-seeks-to-lower-commercial-flight-hour-requirement-1.452920 CSAF taking the side of minimum wage paying regionals to fight 1500 hour rule.
  11. sesquipedalian prose? WTF does that mean. That's why I'm not worthy of a bigger bonus.
  12. "In keeping with the Air Force's current practice of offering pilots anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 for every year they extend their contracts, not every pilot will get the maximum possible bonus proposed in the defense authorization bill. In the joint explanatory statement accompanying the bill, lawmakers said that Goldfein told them the bonus will be tailored by platform, based on the Air Force's requirements". https://www.airforcetimes.com/articles/ndaa-aviator-retention-pay The discussion of heavy drivers receiving a $48k to $60k a year bonus is dead. I believe $35k is unlikely based on the above statement.
  13. "This is not for all pilots," said Stefanek, explaining that some years there's a need for more mobility pilots or more fighter pilots." http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/19/air-force-paying-huge-retention-bonuses-to-fighter-pilots.html Between a likely continued resolution, emphasis on acquisitions & the above statement, I'd say it's not a certainty that heavy drivers will see an increase in our bonus.
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