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  1. I’m headed to IFT 26 Feb to 28 March Columbus 18 April to 05 May 2020
  2. I just left that unit in August. Good luck 😂
  3. Just a heads up. I’m 38, current CSO and going to UPT this spring. Guard sponsored.
  4. I guarantee they don’t care. NGB A1 and A3 wouldn’t know there was a shortage based on the speed the process paperwork. Some of these folks are very good at their jobs. Some are overworked and undermanned. But some don’t give a FU(K how long your age waiver takes.
  5. I’m 37 and will be going to UPT. Currently a c130 Nav.
  6. It’s a shame that won’t stop them from being terrible. Nothing better than a C17 pilot trying to load 7 pallets on a c130H. ;)
  7. Ps this number is not good. It's for vehicle ops
  8. unless the magic 8ball is lying, they're getting C17s.
  9. I'm surprised Charlotte is still putting Navs through.
  10. I didn't have any female instructors at Doss. But that's pretty funny. :)
  11. Are you going to pay for it? I didnt think so.
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