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  1. Minus5

    Pittsburgh contact info

    I just left that unit in August. Good luck 😂
  2. Just a heads up. I’m 38, current CSO and going to UPT this spring. Guard sponsored.
  3. I guarantee they don’t care. NGB A1 and A3 wouldn’t know there was a shortage based on the speed the process paperwork. Some of these folks are very good at their jobs. Some are overworked and undermanned. But some don’t give a FU(K how long your age waiver takes.
  4. 12 years and with a c130 Guard unit
  5. I’m 37 and will be going to UPT. Currently a c130 Nav.
  6. Minus5

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    It’s a shame that won’t stop them from being terrible. Nothing better than a C17 pilot trying to load 7 pallets on a c130H. ;)
  7. Ps this number is not good. It's for vehicle ops
  8. Minus5

    CSO drop nights

    unless the magic 8ball is lying, they're getting C17s.
  9. Minus5

    CSO drop nights

    I'm surprised Charlotte is still putting Navs through.
  10. Minus5

    IFS now IFT

    I didn't have any female instructors at Doss. But that's pretty funny. :)
  11. Minus5

    IFS now IFT

    Are you going to pay for it? I didnt think so.
  12. Minus5

    AFOQT baseline population

    redoing the scores fuked my old scores of high 70s into mid 60s. I'm pretty pissed i have to retake the AFOQT as a Captain eligible for Major this year. :cry:
  13. Minus5

    IFS now IFT

    I went through the Nav portion back in 2009. Im probably going to have to go back through again when/if i go to UPT. I'm not looking forward to it.
  14. Minus5

    2016 UPT Board

    Any more UPT boards this year or are we onto FY17?