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  1. I'm recently sponsored and working with a recruiter to get my package up to the March AFRC board. Does anybody know for certain what you need to have complete prior to meeting the board? My unit says I need the FC1 done; however, my recruiter says I do not. I feel like these kind of things are constantly changing, given the pilot shortage. Thanks!
  2. Anyone hear back from the 133rd ARS (Pease, NH)?
  3. After we go to MEPS and swear in, can we start drilling with the unit while we wait a year for everything else to fall into place?
  4. Thanks for the responses! not trying to be a dick since theyre processing my paperwork (and a waiver). But I did try to prod deeper into the issue but the recruiters response was ‘This is what I was instructed to do from my supervisor’. So i was kind of stonewalled.
  5. I was recently hired at a Guard unit as a non-prior. I'm going through the recruiting paperwork right now, and have my MEPS physical in a few days. My recruiter has me taking the ASVAB, even though it is not required for officer candidates. I explained to him that I already took the AFOQT. He explained that they're processing me as enlisted so that they can process my paperwork as an officer candidate (makes sense). I'm just curious if anyone else had to take the ASVAB at MEPS? It just seems like wasted time on both ends, if it's not required.
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