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  1. How many overall selects did they end up having at this board?
  2. Was this a guard or reserve unit making this statement?
  3. Why aren't they sending your packet in? I'm pretty sure the minimum PCSM to board is a 70. Not only that, but I heard that they are getting 96 AFRC slots for this year. I would try to put in for the board and make AFRC tell you no.
  4. Dang wouldn't that mean it would be held today? Haha...what a ride this has been. My sponsored package has been up at AFRC since January and they keep pushing boards back. Hoping for some different news tho 👍🏻
  5. Anyone apply to the AFRC sponsored board that was held 14 July?
  6. I'm referring to the sponsored board - I have my FC1 completed and am sponsored, but they announced at the March board that selections will be minimal and they will be rolling all the non-selects to the May board. I think they did it to control flow into the UPT pipeline because things are backed up...
  7. I hope you're right about this. The thing that I know is that the UPT pipeline is backed up...they cancelled the Jan board and only selected 15 people at the March board - and rolled all the non-selects to the May board. I'm one of the people who were rolled to the next board, so I wouldn't say there will be no competition, because some people have been waiting for a board for awhile.
  8. I wish you luck too bro! Flying training is considered 'mission essential', as well as OTS - so the pipeline shouldn't be affected. The real question is will the board be affected by COVID-19. I have heard there are commuting restrictions with the Reserves, so a lot of people aren't in office. Hopefully the results won't be delayed...
  9. I applied to the board; haven't heard anything yet. We have until 30 March to hear about results though...hang tight. I understand your anxiety though, especially since they stated that they will be selecting a minimal amount of people for pilot, and rolling the rest to the May board.
  10. I know life gets hard and beats you down sometimes, but don't let it win. Keep fighting, and spread out your options if you're not getting any success. You need to take a realistic look at yourself and check if you're going about this the right way - maybe you need to start applying to heavy units if you're getting old? Maybe you need to stop making excuses and find a way to earn your PPL? Maybe you need to rush harder to show a unit you're worth the waiver? I got kicked out of ROTC over 4 years ago for several dumb mistakes I made with alcohol, and had to pay my scholarship back. I still foun
  11. I found out from my sponsoring unit yesterday that the Jan board is cancelled and they’re moving everyone to the March board. This is what they heard from AFRC. I guess the AFRC Student Pilot Training pipeline is backed up.
  12. Has anyone applied to the January Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Sponsored/Un-sponsored board? I was wondering if anyone has heard about the results...
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