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  1. My health system has given at least one dose of a COVID vaccine to 71% of its staff. We are doing a final first round vaccine clinic tomorrow so I expect that number to increase by a few points. I don’t have the exact number but we had a percentage of people who wanted to “wait and see” when we first started in December that are now getting the vaccine. We should get our hard declinations soon as we require people to make their choice known.
  2. I don't hate the idea IF it was a part of a national PR campaign. With so many people being concerned about the speed of the development of the vaccine I would invite celebrities (I don't have to know who they are) that are respected by groups that are being hesitant about receiving the vaccine. Get a Tik Tok star, some professional athletes, The Rock, and an influencer, put them on TV getting the vaccine and have them use their social media to get the word out. Maybe wait a few weeks until the 65+ age group is done but don't be afraid to give it earlier. This also wouldn't be the first
  3. Second dose slightly worse than the first. Sore arm and got hit with fatigue the day after the vaccine. Heard a variety of side effects from staff coming in for their second vaccine, most were pretty mild. My hospital has enough doses to give everybody who wants one a vaccine and should finish with first doses within the next few weeks. I disagree with many parts of my state's COVID policy but they have done a good job so far with vaccinations. Of course the hardest part is ahead as the vaccinations need to go out to the general population.
  4. 11U. I'm for enforced mask wearing in public (no mask no service). For closing in-person dining and bars (too much long close contact w/o mask). Probably for closing gyms (I'm torn since the COVID risk is elevated but working out will help you not die from it). Indifferent to other businesses as long as masking is universal. Targeted stimulus to make sure we aren't throwing a bunch of people on the streets in the middle of winter/during a 3rd wave. And for stimulus to help small businesses. I would trade accuracy for speed until we can get wings level and figure out a path forward.
  5. I've also been surprised at the number of medical staff at my hospital have refused the vaccine so far. I would peg it at 10-20% though the actual number could be higher. We gave people a chance to wait and not outright decline the vaccine though I know soon we will require an official declination. I have no idea how many people will change their mind once they see their coworkers get both rounds (our second round starts tomorrow) and see that they don't turn into a 5G tower. Some states have done a better job than others at this: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-vaccin
  6. I don't think that quite fair because the US is far richer than those countries. We have the money to wrap our hands around this. A more equal comparison would be the EU: https://www.gzeromedia.com/the-graphic-truth-two-different-pandemics-eu-vs-us-12072020 Different countries with different rules, higher income and education, and a variety of political leaders. Though they are getting hit hard right now (I'm sure the UK variant isn't helping) the US has kept a higher case load and death count throughout the pandemic vs what Europe has had.
  7. It was blind luck. I was helping administer vaccines for my hospital. We had two extra Pfizer doses and couldn't find any front line staff in the hospital that was able and willing to take it before the dose expired. Had we found two additional people I would have waited. I expected to receive it early (as my state's plan involves vaccinating all hospital staff in the first group) but not this early.
  8. Through some luck and timing I was offered and given the Pfizer COVID vaccine yesterday from my civilian job. So far the only side effect I've noticed is my arm being sore. Otherwise I feel fine. It's only 50ish% effective after one dose so I won't change any of my behaviors until a few weeks after my second dose.
  9. Shack. Members of this board have talked about pilot burnout and lack of appreciation for years, if we don’t change course we could very well do the same thing to our medical staff. It’s easy for them to quit and transfer their skills to an outpatient setting. It’s also hard to look at ICU beds now because their use always lags infections by 2-4 weeks. So hospitals won’t see the results of Thanksgiving gatherings until mid December and by then it will be too late. Finally from what I’ve been told within our medical system COVID patients require a lot more work then a typical ICU pa
  10. -I would like to see more emphasis placed on not working/going to school when sick. Zoom class for when somebody is sick. Make sick days something people take without getting question. Ideally mandate them but I know that won’t fly in the US. -Telemedicine options. Do I really need to go into a doctors office for everything? No and it keeps me from being in a room with other sick people. -Wearing mask when you have a cold/don’t feel well but still need to be in public. There is data suggesting the reason Japan and other countries in the region had lower rates of COVID is because mask usa
  11. If we had better contract tracing I would be all for this. If there is one ICU bed and it’s between an essential worker and somebody who has weekly house parties? Sucks to suck but the essential worker gets the bed and the partier get to live with their decisions. Hospitals are already preparing to ration care (and some have started). Personal actions are not playing a role in who will get rationed care but I think it should. If we are going to scream personal liberty then the flip side of liberty (dealing with consequences) should play a role in who receives life saving care with CO
  12. Life comes at you fast: Everybody talks a big game until they get a bad case.
  13. If we had a unified federal response to COVID you would have President Trump and President-elect Biden, along with major players from both sides, getting the vaccine together and publicly. I do understand some reluctance to the vaccine but I am firmly in the camp that the disease is worse then the cure so I will be getting it as soon as I am authorized to. I had a talk with my dad yesterday (who was a fighter pilot in the 80's) and the same discussion about the COVID vaccine was happening about the anthrax vaccine. Lots of people concerned that the shot would be worse than the small chan
  14. If we had enough N95 mask for everybody I would agree with you. Those who are concerned could wear a N95 and protect themselves while everybody else could live their best lives. I purchased KN95 mask (not exactly the same but a step up from a surgical mask) specifically to use when I am forced, due to job requirements, to sit two feet away from another person for two hours at a time. But we don't N95s for everybody. The studies on mask usage varies on how well they work but everything points to masks reducing the number of COVID virus particles that a sick person (even if asymptomatic) p
  15. We could have a group of people from CMS (Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services) meet and determine what health factors and state of diseases would cause CMS to no longer pay for treatment. Since Medicare pays for a vast majority of health coverage for people over the age of 65 their decisions would reverberate throughout the industry. I like "panel" but I can't think of a first word that could go in front of it 🤔. Dark jokes aside I suspect the glibness of the federal COVID response contributed to Trump losing the election. Seniors typically vote heavily Republican but didn't at the
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