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  1. I have a somewhat similar story that I told pages ago in this thread. I wish I would have been mentored/sought out help early in my career to learn the OPR code/path to a DP and make adjustments before it was too late. I made the decision to leave AD and go guard when it became obvious that what the AF wants me to do and what I want to do are different. I hope the new O-5 board works for others but I doubt it would have produced a different result for me.
  2. This thread was very helpful as I prepped for my interview. My background; I'm a qualified IP in the unit's MWS and I applied for a part time position. The questions I remembered are below. Was told specifically not to report in (and that they would make fun of me for it if I did). For the interview it was the SQ/CC, DO, an ADO, Supt, another enlisted leader and another pilot. It was a quick interview and somewhat informal. -Why this unit/location? How did you hear about the unit? -Why you? -What are you plans for work? -How often do you think you will be able to fly with us? -They asked for the story of my call sign. -What airplanes are on the sticks outside the gate? There were 5 and I only knew one.
  3. Had my OG/CC tell me a version of that when I told him my stay/go decision criteria. I was willing to be convinced to stay in but I knew if I signed on for one more assignment I was signing up for 3 moves and a 365. I just couldn't put my family through that.
  4. I was told by my base education office years ago that I would incur additional ADSC every time I transferred the post 9/11 GI bill. I now know that was false but that prevented me from transferring it when I could prevent myself from having an ADSC past my UPT one. Break break Question for the group, if join the guard/reserves post AD can I transfer the benefit to my kid and take the ADSC in the guard? I’ve asked a guard recruiter about that and they said I could. But I am understandably paranoid after getting bad info in the past.
  5. Search didn’t pull anything up so mods please delete if this has been covered previously. I’m a AD pilot starting to apply for ANG flying opportunities. One of the units I’m applying to ask for a cover letter. Besides highlighting my AD experience and my ties to the local area is there something else I should include? I realize this is a small part of the whole process but I don’t want to make an unforced error.
  6. Realtor, though it can be tough to do on a shift schedule. There is a significant portion of real estate paperwork that is time sensitive (ideally completed within a few hours of starting) that doesn’t always jive with 8ish hours on the line.
  7. I am very curious to find out what happens to you as I will be in the same situation in a few years. I made O4 as a 1 APZ and my last 3 OPRs are far superior to my first 6. But if LT/early Captain are all that matters I should bounce and not play the game.
  8. I’m weary of a fully cash based system for healthcare, even if doctors provide their prices upfront. Vets are almost all cash based and prices are competitive. But if the cost is too high, or the suffering is too great, I can put the dog down. That isn’t something I would do for my kid or my wife. So people expect to do whatever it takes to keep their family members alive and healthy. I don’t know what will solve this problem; personally I think Medicare for all would be the solution for most people, but it would not be without cost. Of course a portion of expensive health problems can be solved by reducing obesity but that opens up a whole different can of worms, since it is a problem across every demographic in the US. I don’t want the government or google tracking my weight and denying healthcare if I don’t get my steps in.
  9. I also found out yesterday. I’m a 1APZ and I made it. So far all the APZs I’ve talked to have made it. I wonder of guys that were passed over again if there are any that didn’t have a QFI or asked not to be promoted.
  10. My wing is going to announce on Monday. I have heard of at least one APZ that got told he made it already.
  11. I’m waiting for the “it was 100% promotion opportunity for everybody but....”. The question will be if it’s only for guys with QFIs or if they also looked at above the zone/in the zone guys.
  12. This is what I don't get. If you are going to do that why only have commanders submit PRFs for people with derogatory information? And what qualifications are they using to count somebody as a promote/ what is their cut line? At least when I read the announcement months ago I thought the board would only look at those with a submitted PRF, which should have taken two days tops.
  13. I remember when AIP went away the first time at Creech. Leadership's line was that we built a dining hall, you have a gas station and gym, so you don't need it anymore. And by the way it will save the AF a million dollars a month by stopping it. I don't think the extra $400 a month is going to change my stay/go calculation but I'll take the money.
  14. '08 guy, found out I was passed over yesterday. No UIF or other bad paperwork but a mediocre record (no strats/awards). I wasn't surprised but I had hoped the AF's stated need for RPA pilots would push me over the line.
  15. An article on the AF portal has been updated with the O-4 board public release date: 18 July. The AFPC website has not been updated as of an hour ago. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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