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    So my family is at WPAFB and we took a decent amount of tornado damage with the Memorial Day storms. Renter's insurance is with USAA. I was pleasantly surprised with their service. I submitted a claim the day after the event. They responded and sent me a payment for spoiled food within 10 minutes of our conversation. They told me to send them a list of all personal property effected. The adjuster called me 30 minutes after I submitted the list asking if it was pre or post tax. It was pre-tax so he added another 8% or so. I received that payment within 24 hours. Overall, I was impressed with the service received.
  2. BLUF: If you opened the CSR card prior to them starting to waive the fee for military (Sept 2017). Send them a message online stating you are thinking of closing your account as AMEX waives the fee on their platinum. They may grandfather you in to the new policy. So there's been some mention on here of Chase now waiving the fee on the Sapphire Reserve as of Sept 2017 for accounts opened after that date. Nothing retroactive. I contacted Chase late in 2017 asking to be grandfathered in to that policy as I had 2 accounts opened prior to that date. They declined to grandfather me in. Fast forward to a few weeks ago. After a few drinks, I again sent Chase a message through their online system asking them to grandfather me. I honestly didn't even remember I had asked them before when I sent the message or I probably wouldn't have sent it. I told them that AMEX was waiving the fee on their platinum card and I would start using that as my primary card if not grandfathered. I really didn't expect anything to come of it as I got a reply back that said they'd contact me by mail with a decision. Around 7-10 days later, I woke up to close to $5k in credit refunds split between two Chase accounts that I'd had for 4-6 years. I got a letter in the mail a few days later stating that they had applied SCRA benefits to my accounts going back to the day I opened them. I put $75-100k a year on the card so that may have factored into their decision. However, I'm not sure why they did it this time and not previously but I'm not complaining. It may be worth trying if you are paying for the CSR.
  3. Semi-related question. So just about everything goes off of your home of residence. I've been told before that the background check for buying a weapon uses the state where you are stationed and not the state for home of residence. Essentially I was denied buying a weapon while on leave in my state of my home of residence because they said the ATF (or whoever) would consider my home of residence as an out of state purchase since i actually reside in a different state. That may have came off really confusing but anyone had a similar experience?
  4. The BRS match will always go towards traditional. You can put your 5% election toward Roth but there's no choice for the government match. This is part of reason as to why you can contribute $19k or whatever it is this year and still receive the full 5% match.
  5. My only complaint about using NBKC is who my loan was sold to. In NBKC's defense, they fully disclosed throughout closing that it would be sold. It's also pretty standard for them to be sold, but the company it was sold to has been absolutely horrible and other online reviews support that.
  6. You're still going to use mypay. Go in and make the percentage elections. It'll give you an effective date. If I made a change today then it'd take affect starting on 1 Jan so it'd be the Jan 15 paycheck before I saw the first deduction from my pay. If you are already at $18k then the only way to get more than that in the calendar year is by doing traditional as roth doesn't benefit from the higher limit. Also, make sure that if you choose 92% of your base pay that your pay can support that after any allotments that you may have. For example, if you make $5,000 in base pay and choose 92% then that'd be $4,600 but if you have more than $400 in deductions then the TSP election will likely get rejected and not take anything out of your pay. Click the "traditional election worksheet" link at the following: http://www.dfas.mil/militarymembers/tspformilitary/tspac.html. That worksheet will help calculate the correct percentage to avoid any issues. Annual maximum: The maximum Internal Revenue Code (IRC) contribution elective deferral limit for 2017, which is the combined total of your Traditional deferred contributions and Roth contributions, is $18,000. Also, the IRC annual addition limit for 2017 which includes exempt Traditional contributions as well as Traditional deferred contributions and Roth contributions, is $54,000. Roth contributions may be made from combat zone tax exempt pay as well as post-tax pay, however, the annual limit for Roth remains at $18,000 for 2017 even if you are in a combat zone. Exempt contributions above that amount may only be made to Traditional TSP. However, as an exception to the limits described in this paragraph, deferred contributions may also be made to Traditional catch-up; and post-tax or exempt contributions may be made to Roth catch-up, if you are eligible (see catch-up).
  7. If you have a non-a and fall under the criteria for flat rate then you should receive the $105/day ($66.75/lodging and $38.25/M&IE) no matter what as long as you are actually spending something on lodging. I'm not sure how they are interpreting 4250 but the following is pretty clear: 4250 B 6. Lodging receipts are not required, but proof that lodging costs were incurred shall be required. The fixed rate per diem may not be reduced further even if the actual lodging costs incurred are less than the lodging portion of the reduced per diem. Is this Altus finance telling you this? What they say shouldn't matter anyways. If you are TDY enroute then this will be part of your PCS voucher and will go to Ellsworth for processing. They see so many of these vouchers that I'd hope this still isn't a problem. If this a normal TDY from home station then it'll be your own unit approving this. I've been out of the financial services section for a bit so maybe things changed but that was copied from the current JTR.
  8. Just closed with NBKC and was extremely satisfied with the service. VA 30 year fixed at 3.25% with $6k lender credit. Closed in less than 30 days. No other local lender could even come close to that. I had one lender laugh when I told them what I was quoted and even said that NBKC lied or that I misunderstood what they told me. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy or refi.
  9. If you call someone from any finance office then they may be able to pull the voucher from the WAWF (wide area workflow) system. They'll need your SSN and should be able to pull any non-DTS voucher from that system.
  10. It also only applies if staying off base. If you manage to find a furnished apartment or condo or even a roommate then you can actually pocket any leftover lodging $.
  11. Don't have them all on hand but it was a pretty big class. Several of just about everything including 9 BUFFs, 4 F15, and 5 RC135.
  12. It's a combination of bigger classes and budget cuts leaving planes grounded. From what I understand, the primary backup is on the T-1 side of training.
  13. This dude has some huge balls...no seriously.
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