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  1. They do have the 3.5mm jack, but the military version does not come in Bluetooth.
  2. We ended up going with bose. Had to go through contracting but it worked pretty well. Have a good bose contact if anyone else wants to do this.
  3. Because it would be a cool story for some Guard bubbas??
  4. I hope they let a slick Herk guard unit on a 60 day deployment drop it...
  5. Does anyone else feel stabbed in the back by this? Instead of fixing the problems that make people want to get out, he wants to make it harder for his pilots to get hired by the airlines? What a low blow...or am I reading this wrong?
  6. Is there any accountability for who adds what to the NDAA? For example, a small line was added in the Senate Armed Services committee to their version of the bill that has had some negative effect on ANG AGRs...how would I track where that came from?
  7. We are looking to do an unfunded request for 150-200 new headsets. Does anyone have any recency of experience with the process? Units that issue them do y'all have a good contact I could talk to? Thanks!
  8. For those that signed up last year and finally got paid december-ish, has anyone gotten check #2? Wondering when we can expect that, assuming maybe the anniversary of the day you signed the bonus?
  9. Added the 189th C-130 DSG/Fulltime job listing. Currently have immediate full-time openings!
  10. Any Guard AGRs receive their bonus yet? 3 months and counting...
  11. Herk Operators, Since the baseops job board seems to have s- itself recently I'll post here. As of Oct 1st 2013, the 189th at LRAFB has been in charge of all C-130 Legacy FTU training in addition to the legacy instructor school. With this expansion we have had a restructuring of our manning document and have created many new DSG positions. Currently we have 11 DSG spots sitting empty. We are looking to hire C-130 IPs, but could entertain getting an AC some upgrade training if he/she we a good dude/dudette. While not guaranteed, most of these new hires could be looking at potential full time employment within a few years. This is also a good environment for an airline guy to burn a few FTPs every month and not worry about those bothersome TDY/deployments...Our AGRs and technicians are home every night, so it's great environment to raise a family. If you are interested, please holler at Maj Austin Schlech at 501-987-7501, or hit me up on the global. Have a great weekend.
  12. Anyone have the gouge on how I can pass the resistance instructors info on my little bro who is headed there in a few weeks? Would love to augment his training with some brotherly love.
  13. Thanks for confirming we are getting the shaft here in Arkansas. UTAs not even getting approved, and no AT over 15...
  14. My unit is only allowing us to do UTAs and FTPs on our furlough days, and then only with prior approval by an 0-6! This is incredibly lame, and just wondering how other states and the reserves are handling this?
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