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  1. My TLN's say AMS. Are they just throwing active guys into AMS or is it all OTS now? I know there isn't much info out there right now but if anyone has any more, it'd be nice to know.
  2. They won't post new FY dates until this summer. I think FY15 dates were posted about a month or two prior to start date. whiskeydriver, I just got my approvals/nominations from NGB with training dates. 1503 for AMS and starting UPT on 9 June 15. My package was sent off in late July. You should be hearing something very soon. Hope this helps.
  3. I don't mean to take the talk away from bath towels and underwear. I know it's very important, but has anyone waiting for appointment letters heard anything from NGB about their progress? I heard rumors that they're waiting until 2-3 weeks prior to class start date to send appointment letters and dates all together. Not sure of the validity... Everyone I've been talking to seems to be waiting on the same thing.
  4. I had to transfer from a seperate unit. But normally, it's about a year. Posted from the NEW Baseops.net App!
  5. I got selected in Aug 2013 and I'm still waiting for a class date. Posted from the NEW Baseops.net App!
  6. start date for first FY15 class is 18 Aug. Not sure if they've started filling those slots yet though. More to follow...
  7. No offense, this is my opinion only, but if you are on the fence about applying because of past medical issues maybe you should reconsider your career field. I understand what you're saying but I personally know guys that refused to give up even after failing ACS. If you really want it, go for it. If it's meant to be it's meant to be. People that never try, never succeed. I understand that it might be hard with school, job, whatever, but that's the career field. There are plenty of guys out there that would love to be able to apply. Go for it. Like I said, if it works, it works. You'll never k
  8. I just had my IFC1 a couple of weeks ago and everyone out there was awesome. The Flight Doc's were really cool. Everyone worked with you. If you have a problem they'll just make you retake the test. They aren't there to end your career, they're there to evaluate whether or not you can fly an airplane. We had about 30 guys in our class and I don't know of a single wash out. The optometrist was really really nice too. I could tell that she genuinely cared about all the applicants. They will tell you if you require a waiver, and what the odds are for that waiver. The only thing that I didn't like
  9. This may be an old topic, but here is my experience. I shotgunned packages nationwide to whoever would take a package. I visited a unit and a week later had a formal interview at another. Less than a week after the formal interview I interviewed with the unit I first visited. 24 hours after I interviewed with the second guard unit, they called me and offered me a slot. Of course, I said yes! 2 weeks after accepting that slot, the first unit called me back and offered me a slot. I explained them the situation and they understood. It's not a big deal. They understand that guys really really real
  10. C130Driver is exactly correct. I was asked what my biggest failure was. So, be honest with them. Every unit I've interviewed with wanted to know that you were willing to stay in the area and have a job other than being a guard bum. They want to see that you have a plan. Ultimately, be yourself. If they happen to nonchalantly mention that they are having a squadron gathering later that afternoon, GO! It's at those events that they get to see who you really are and that's where they'll make their decisions. I interviewed at 4 units. Two just had interviews, the other two offered to hang out afte
  11. Compass Call? Try the Commando Solo guys in Harrisburg, PA. They broadcast TV and radio, and some have been doing it for over 20 years. None of the 4 years and your reassigned stuff. Weird thing is the overwhelming majority have girl offspring. Great group of guys. A friend of mine is in that unit. They're also the only operational guard flying AFSOC unit in the world.
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