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    Day 25

    I really had an awesome day today! Started off with a couple of CAIs which I found out I had already done! So I had some time to study some boldface and things like that. Went up to the classroom for our operating procedures test...simply a boldface/ops limits test. After that, I had a couple of hours to study for my first EP sim. It was with the instructor that teaches the operating procedures classes. He's a funny guy, but more importantly, it's easy to learn from him. Anyway, I thought I was fairly well prepared for it and I got a "good", so he must have thought I wasn't a total scre
  2. spectre56

    Day 24

    I had a pretty good day today. We started out with a briefing from the wing commander and the command chief, then I went straight into my sim. It went well and the instructor gave me an excellent! Came home afterwords and had about 4 hours to study for flying fundamentals test. Took it and passed on the first shot! Also, heard we passed our boldface/ops limits (finally!) so it's flight suits to work now.
  3. spectre56

    Day 23

    Pretty good day overall. Finished a couple of CAIs this morning covering flying fundamentals, then had our review class. Went straight into doing our boldface/ops limits and a class on basics of the checklists (challenge/response items, etc.). Afterwords, we had our PFT...passed, but I need to work on it a bit. Came home and have been studying for a couple hours now and i'm all studied out. Oh, I didn't mention...my son's cousin was sick over thanksgiving, which got our son sick, who in turn got me and the wife sick. Not that bad, though: just a sore throat and runny nose.
  4. spectre56

    Day 22

    Took the aero test - again - this morning. Passed! I have to keep those to a minimum... Had another sim today...went much better for me than the one yesterday, but still need to study like it's going out of style! I'm home for lunch right now and have to do about 5 CAIs before a class at noon tomorrow. I'm relishing these "easy" days before the poop hits the oscillating device.
  5. spectre56

    Day 21

    Ok, thanksgiving is done...let's go christmas! Had our aerodynamics test this afternoon after some CAIs and a sim. This sim was the start of the "real life" sims doing checklists and flying around and stuff; pretty neat. I was way behind the power curve and it showed in the sim. But, now I know exactly what I need to study for the next time. Aerodynamics test....yeah, not so much. Didn't pass. I got some stuff confused in my head and only missed 2 more than what is allowed, but a fail is a fail. Not much to do about it but study. Retest is at 0800 so i'm going to bed after I stu
  6. I think that's it...they show it every so often. Like c17wannabe, I would like to apply for them one day also. I gotta make it through UPT first! Was anyone else on here in the 89th that we could glean some information from?
  7. spectre56

    Day 20

    So there I was...stitting in our first class today and I was having the hardest time staying awake. I didn't have to be there until 9:15, but I couldn't get to sleep until 2am! I hate that! All we had today was 3 classes: two on operating procedures and one on aerodynamics. This aerodynamics is killing me! It's a good thing I sit next to smart people or this stuff would be much tougher than it is. Finished up around 1 and the holiday has started! Happy thanksgiving everyone...stay safe and be careful! (a little redundant maybe...) P.S. the opening statement is credited to Fuse.
  8. spectre56

    Day 19

    Haha, that is a great idea! It's funny you mention that, before our first class today started, the guy next to me asked the instructor if he had any of those kinds of stories. He did and it was fairly humerous...good times.
  9. spectre56

    Day 19

    Once again, lots of CAIs and lots of classes. Took our boldface/ops limits today...did we pass? Guess we probably won't find out until after thanksgiving. Again, not much to write about today. Sorry.
  10. spectre56

    Day 18

    Mundane day...lots of CAIs and some classes on aerodynamics and checklists. That is literally all that happened during the day. After we were done with all our CAIs, our class all went out to Rudys and had some barbeque. Good times. One of the flights is doing a toy drive so we thought we would all go to walmart and pick up some toys to donate for their drive. After that, headed home! It occurred to me as I was writing this, that this is probably very boring to read: "...had CAIs and class and went home". Well, I know it is and I hate that, but it should pick up and get more interes
  11. spectre56

    Day 17

    It's where the pilots-to-be find out what aircraft they are going to be flying when they finish up pilot training. Also called assignment night...there is a thread about it in the general discussion forum. I thought it was ok; boring overall but really neat to see where these folks are going.
  12. spectre56

    Day 17

    It's friday! We had a review lesson this morning and then I had a couple hours of free time before our sim. I don't know if i've mentioned it yet, but these first 2 sims that we have done is basically a show and tell type thing; the LSI instructors show us stuff in the cockpit and how they work, etc. Had to go directly to Commander's Call after that and get our holiday safety briefing. He was also talking about how he was trying to get the different MWSs to come and have a "fly in" type deal. I think Columbus does that (or did that), and it would be really nice to get touchy feely with th
  13. spectre56

    Day 16

    Had a pretty mundane day today. We had a class and a bunch of CAIs throughout the day. Got done with those fairly quickly and headed home for a little bit. Then we had to come back and go through our dash 1...very painless, if not tedious: most of us had already put in the changes and there were only three write-in changes so it didn't take long at all.
  14. spectre56

    Day 15

    Still in blues. We still haven't heard how we did on the one we took yesterday. I hope we passed, but something tells me we didn't.
  15. spectre56

    Day 15

    Busy day, sort of. Had a couple CAIs in the morning. I got done with those fairly quickly so I was able to go home for about 45 minutes, then had to go back up to work for a review class, then had a few hours of free time before we took our boldface/ops limits test. Hopefully we all passed it! Did a couple more CAIs after that and headed home.
  16. spectre56

    Day 14

    Had to get up a little earlier than usual for a review that lasted 3 hours--that was painful, but it was useful for the test we had a little bit ago. After the class, we had a few hours of study time before the test, so I went and had lunch with a buddy of mine who just got here, then went home to study for a little bit. Went to take the test and my CAC card wasn't working properly...go figure! I'm starting to get tired of this. Warning: if the pin number on your CAC starts or ends in a zero, the CAI program that administers the test won't like you and you'll have to make up a new pin, so
  17. spectre56

    Day 13

    Really easy day today. I had to get my CAC card reissued because, surprise--MPF didn't put the correct stuff on it...happened to about half of our class. More of a hassle and an annoyance than anything else. We had 3 CAIs scheduled for today, but since I came in yesterday and knocked out 2 of them (i'm trying to stay ahead of the curve), I only had one to do today; so I did that after I got my new CAC card. I was free for a few hours until our introductory sim. We weren't expected to know a whole lot so it was pretty relaxed...the instructor showed us where basic things were in the cockpi
  18. spectre56

    Day 12

    Pretty cool day...we attended 09-02's graduation and got introduced as the freshman class. Pretty motivating, but I gotta keep my head grounded and focus on what's going on now. Had a review class after lunch and then finished a couple CAIs and called it a night. We have our first sim on monday so i'm going to look over what's needed for that over the weekend.
  19. spectre56

    Day 11

    Today was great! We had an intro class this morning and then took a tour of the airplane...pretty cool. Then we did a pubs check after lunch. What a pain...and all we did was the in flight guide and the checklist. I did a few computer aided instructions (CAI) before the 12 day was up and called it a day. This was the first time I actually felt like I was in pilot training. It's a good feeling and we haven't even done very much!
  20. spectre56

    Day 10

    Aero Phys day 7. Final day of aerospace physiology and i'm guessing the easiest day of training?? Just a guess! We had several classes on crew resource management (CRM) and talked all about communication and decision making and stuff like that. They put some funny video clips in the briefings so that made it bearable. We start learning about the aircraft tomorrow and I can't wait! I'm still excited to have the chance to live my dream and there really is no other place i'd rather be than here, in pilot training!
  21. spectre56

    Day 9

    Aero Phys Day 6. Did the altitude chamber today. That was pretty fun...it had been about 8 years since I had done it and it was still pretty cool. That took up the whole morning then one of the aero phys guys grilled burgers and hot dogs for us for lunch; good times! After lunch we came back to practice egressing from the aircraft/study for the test for a couple hours. I passed the test! Again, we had no failures. 2 tests down and 6 to go or something like that. We have tomorrow off for Veteran's Day...Let me say thank you to those who have served in the past and those who are servin
  22. spectre56

    Day 8

    Aero Phys Day 5. Had a couple classes on acceleration, stress, and the anti G strain maneuver (AGSM). We all got to look retarded in front of the class doing the AGSM, but it's pretty important, so it's cool to look like an idiot! After lunch we did the Barany Chair - or as some know it, the spin and puke. Also had a class on night vision and then we did the FACT test. I thought I was going to have a really hard time with it because my upper body strength is not great, but I passed it...I had a hard time with one or two of the exercises, but I pushed through it. We only had a few people
  23. spectre56

    Day 7

    Aero Phys Day 4. We did parachute landing fall (PLF) stuff all morning and, while a lot of fun, my knees are killing me! After lunch we had a couple classes on spacial disorientation and noise and vibration. Pretty good day overall. We still don't know if we passed boldface/ops limits or not.
  24. spectre56

    Day 6

    Aero Phys Day 3. More classes on physiology and one on the parachute...pretty uneventful. We had our boldface/ops limits quiz today. We were sitting in the classroom waiting on our flight commander to get there and the lights flicker and then go out. Our flight commander came in and we went outside to do our boldface/ops limits. We didn't get done until about 6:15 or so, so he didn't get to grade them on the spot like he did last week. Hopefully everyone passed!
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