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  1. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    Just because you pick a school, it doesn't mean the school picks you. Private schools can absolutely pick and choose who they let in, and if they're for profit why would they let anyone in that's going to cost them more to educate (i.e. anyone with a learning disability, etc)? It would just cut into their profits. School vouchers = privatize the profits and socialize the costs.
  2. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, his argument is that we are ALREADY doing that. Except that the wealth transfer is going to places it doesn't need to go to, and that we can shift that spending from one area to another area which may have a greater impact on our society. So instead of spending billions on the "war on drugs" for example, we instead spend billions in offering a higher education for our people.
  3. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    Only 3 countries in the G20 have a higher percentage than us in the debt to GDP category: Japan, Italy, and Singapore. https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/government-debt-to-gdp
  4. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    We had growth way over 2.9% over the last 8 years. Q2 of 2014 saw 5.1% followed by Q3 of 2014 with 4.9%. Q4 of '11 was 4.7% There were multiple quarters in the 3%+ range. Also note that for the years 2013-2017 the deficit was 1/3 to 1/2 of what it was in 2009-2012.
  5. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    Federal spending goes into GDP. Thanks to huge deficit spending we get a high GDP and the national debt goes into overdrive.
  6. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    Moose had stated that $50k is an awfully low price Trump had to pay the hackers, when they could've received millions from him. I only pointed out, using Trump's own words, that he's the best deal maker in the world.
  7. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

  8. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    Kind of like if his lawyer paid $50k in cash to an unknown technology company for "tech services" during and in connection with the campaign that was hidden in the Stormy Daniels payout? Page 16 of the criminal information filed in Cohen's case yesterday mentioned a reimbursement for "tech services" that Cohen solicited "on behalf of the campaign". Coincidentally page 34 of the Steele dossier discusses Cohen's involvement in making "deniable cash payments to hackers who had worked in Europe under Kremlin direction..." The $50k cash payment having been made not long after Cohen was reportedly in Prague. Why would the campaign need to make a payment to a legit tech company doing legal tech work through the Trump Organization, and why would it need to be made surreptitiously through Cohen, and in cash no less? Cohen, of course, being Trump's "fixer" with no official role in the campaign.
  9. Vertigo

    NFL Ratings are Way Down

  10. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    I expect the day will come that Mattis speaks out against Trump over something and all the MAGA heads start denigrating him over it.
  11. Vertigo

    NFL Ratings are Way Down

    As opposed to those crying about "why football man no stand!"
  12. Vertigo

    NFL Ratings are Way Down

    The same should be said about reality TV stars... but here we are, with one in the WH.
  13. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    Didn't that same report say that the $32T was a $2T savings over what we'll spend with our current system?
  14. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    MASH Best show to ever air on tv.
  15. Vertigo

    The Next President is...

    Just because you don't remember it, old man, doesn't mean it didn't matter to me. 😉