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  1. Gun Talk

    Basing this on the fact that age, as a protected class (over 40), is only listed in the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and not in the Civil Right Act of 1964 in which sex, race, religion, national origin are listed.
  2. Gun Talk

    I'm just making an assumption, of course, that the cake company is a small business with not a lot of profit margin. I also going on the assumption that alienating an extremely small segment of the population also alienates a larger segment of population that supports that community, and that could potentially be enough of a cut in business that they are no longer viable. My assumptions could also be wildly off base.
  3. Gun Talk

    MOST people start up a business to make money, not to preach their beliefs. But to each their own.
  4. Gun Talk

    I imagine the sale of guns to 18-20 year olds is so small they can absorb that lost profit without even seeing a blip on the profit/loss sheet, whereas a small business maybe can't afford to alienate a segment of the population (and their supporters). Regardless, no one should be FORCED to sell a product to someone else whether it be a cake, a gun, or a lapdance.
  5. Gun Talk

    I agree. I don't believe the baker should have to sell to a homosexual couple if they choose not to, even though they are a protected class (and 18 year olds aren't). The real question is why you, as a small business owner, wouldn't want that business? It's not like you're approving of their lifestyle, you're just profiting from making a cake.
  6. Gun Talk

    It's not a Constitutional right to purchase a firearm from Dick's either. It's the right to bear arms, not the right to force a sporting goods store to sell to whom they choose not to.
  7. Gun Talk

    Yeah, that's why hotels and car rentals places get sued all the time for not renting to those under 21. Wait a minute...
  8. Typically true, however just yesterday I needed an ATP day for one of my Airmen and our RA is on paternity leave. I called FM myself (at 1505) and requested a day be loaded. At 1509ish they called me back and said it's been loaded and the 105 can now be accomplished.
  9. I've had no issues with it. In regards to your AFTP day, your squadron's RA needs to contact FM and have them load the day to your squadron's account before you can certify it. It's typically a 2 minute fix.
  10. Gun Talk

    To be fair, their Field and Stream stores are not the same stores as their Dick's Sporting Goods stores. The Dick's stores never stocked them after Sandy Hook. Now they're taking them off the shelves of their Cabellas/Bass Pro Shop type of store.
  11. The Next President is...

    Trump's administration didn't release it. The HIC did after the they redacted it to make it not classified. As opposed to the Republican memo which was declassified by the President and then released.
  12. The Next President is...

    Cliff Notes: - Steele Dossier played NO role in opening the Carter Page investigation. They began their investigation prior to even receiving it. - The DOJ did in fact inform the court of the origin of the Steele Dossier. - They accuse Nunes of deliberately misrepresenting the underlying FISA Warrant intelligence. - Four different judge's approved FISA warrants including judge's appointed by Bush and Reagan. Multiple DOJ officials also approved the applications prior to the court even seeing them including Trump appointees Rosenstein and Boente. - They actually started listening to Page after he left Trump campaign so the idea they were watching him to spy on Trump is absurd. - Page has a long history with Russia going back to 2004 and was being actively investigated once before already in 2013. The FBI had even interviewed him in 2016 again prior to receiving the Steele Dossier. The Steele dossier was referenced in the application as corroboration of certain things, and not to independently demonstrate. - A bunch of blacked out additional evidence with a bit in the middle noting Page lied to the HIC in his testimony in 2017 about meeting with Russian officials. - It included the footnote that discusses the Steele dossier source which SPECIFICALLY STATES ..."The FBI speculates the the unidentified U.S. Person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit Candidate #1's campaign." Candidate 1 is Trump I believe. - DOJ timely informed the court when the FBI fired Steele and why. - The attacks on Bruce Ohr for knowing Steele/and his wife working for Fusion GPS are 100% baseless. He was not involved in the FISA process and disclosed his relationships in November 2016. Basically Nunes and Gowdy lied whole cloth that the FISA warrant was primarily based on a news article and the Steele Dossier. Those were in fact the least used and most minor pieces of evidence and they picked them out specifically for that reason to discredit the investigation and lied about their use.
  13. The Next President is...

    Someone get your boy in check. The parade is on, boys. Gotta stroke that ego. Fiscally responsible my ass. The wasted money in manhours and logistics alone... https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/23/trump-military-parade-veterans-day-423405
  14. Help with a Divorce

    In my case, I took a larger percentage of our debt in order for her to not take a portion of my TSP. Is she seeking alimony? If she wants a clean break with long drawn out court battle, her best bet is to forego alimony. Unless she gave up going to college or passed on a high level career for your career, IMO she shouldn't be asking for it. It was 3 years... is her ability to obtain a career severely diminished? Doubtful. Yeah I think I jumped the gun a bit on that. So IF she wanted to fight it she could be eligible for 7.5% of your retired pay.
  15. The Next President is...

    What you just said is made up. The Republican memo was absolutely vetted by the DOJ and FBI. The looked at it yes. And they had this to say about it "...we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy." Meaning they said it is cherry picked to give the appearance other than what really happened.