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  1. CBM 16-06 T-38 F-16 - Luke (me) F-15E T-6 C-17 - McChord RC-135 T-1 Active Duty C-17 - Charleston C-130 - Ramstein KC-135x2 U-28 E-3 T-6 MQ-9x2
  2. PaddyPilot

    The Foglesong Thread

    Fogledick is set to speak at the 15-05 grad ceremony at Columbus. The best part is that the entire class is aware of his exploits and what I'm assuming is a combination of Asberger's and narcissism.
  3. PaddyPilot

    Pilot to Pilot Marriage

    My girlfriend and I are both going to be going to UPT (6 months staggered) and we're also planning on getting married.. I've heard plenty of advice against it, but it's going to happen. That being said, has anyone even heard of a successful pilot-pilot marriage? What are the factors that would affect us (air frame selection, deployments, etc)? Any info at all would be greatly appreciated.
  4. PaddyPilot

    Motorcycle Riders Thread

    Any info on the new AFI regarding motorcycles? I've only heard rumors.
  5. PaddyPilot

    Medical Waiver for Syncope

    Apparently there was a typo in the email and the deadline is not a month from now. So does anyone have any experience with this?
  6. PaddyPilot

    Medical Waiver for Syncope

    3rd year of AFROTC, admin staff decided to surprise all FA13 commissionees with the news that medical waivers need to be in by Dec. 31 for the rated board. I realize it's unrealistic to expect a waiver by that time, so what are my options? I've already asked the SSgt in admin who's supposed to be knowledgeable about medical issues a year ago and she didn't give me any useful information. If I have to push my commissioning date back, I might be able to.
  7. PaddyPilot

    Nellis/Vegas info

    I have no control over where we go, we can only suggest things to our escort officer on the days that are free. That was not a free day, end of story. And yeah, that is f*cked up. Don't get me wrong, I would be tempted to take the ride, but there's no way I would. I didn't do anything to earn an incentive ride over the people who did.
  8. PaddyPilot

    Nellis/Vegas info

    Trust me, I would have much preferred to pay my respects at the memorial, but the guys at Creech went out of their way to have us today so I doubt that would have went over well. Apparently the PDT group before ours got viper rides, in front of all the other people in line here at Nellis.
  9. PaddyPilot

    Nellis/Vegas info

    Unfortunately we're leaving for Creech at 7:30, otherwise I would be honored to attend that. "Stuck" was bad wording. Having the time of my short life on base.
  10. PaddyPilot

    Nellis/Vegas info

    Good stuff dudes, any advice/ideas for who to visit on base? We're stuck on base during the week. Thunderbirds, petting zoo, and Creech are already lined up but we're looking for ideas.
  11. PaddyPilot

    Nellis/Vegas info

    Staying at Nellis for two weeks on an Ops AF PDT and I was wondering if anyone had advice on what to do while here. We hung out with the Red Horse guys for the first day; they were really cool and lots of info was digested by all. For anyone at Nellis, we're the obnoxious ROTC cadets walking around, feel free to glare. Also, didn't know whether this belonged in the ROTC thread or not?
  12. PaddyPilot

    Private Pilot License (PPL) questions

    Well it's not exactly a very tame aircraft to learn on and it doesn't have any VOR equipment, but I love them. As far as military flying goes, I'm sure any of the pilot's on this forum will tell you that civilian flight training will not help you pass UPT. Flight hours will help your pilot selection score. Personally, I think the Decathlon is a bit too responsive for a beginner, but take a couple flights in it first to see if you can handle it.
  13. Hey anyone got a working link to this?
  14. PaddyPilot

    Buy Truck Get AK-47

    I believe that could be classified as a mercy killing. He definitely let her have it, but in a polite way. 5/5 Stars for destroying her pitiful argument.
  15. PaddyPilot

    Gun Talk

    Just bought a gorgeous auto ordnance 1911. Picked it up once and fell in love. You will NOT regret the purchase of a quality made 1911 (auto ordnance, colt, springfield, etc.), there's a reason they've been around for so long.