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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    IIRC, PCSM is the only indicator which had a correlation to success in UPT. GPA can vary widely from university and program.
  2. I need some advice

    Are you seriously asking a bunch of randos on the internet what to do with the rest of your life? If this was your first ride at UPT, you’d hook for SA and judgement/decision making. You should probably stay at Lockheed Martin.
  3. Test group to Skip the T6?

    Terrible idea. Making it through the challenge of UPT is a badge of honor for every Air Force pilot and a bright spot in our hertigage. Letting some people skip the hardest parts delegitimizes all of us. My friends teaching at UPT say it’s hard enough to wash out a kid who shouldn’t pass, as they are passed off to the heavy community where they enter the crew force and become a liability for an entire airplane full of people. Now we want to take half the initial training away? We’re not a regional airline trying to fill FO seats for our next round of regional jet orders, were the US Air Force and having the title of Air Force pilot needs to mean something.
  4. "We're not training commercial pilots."

    Unfortunately in some communities flying can become an additional duty depending on what your ground job is.
  5. "We're not training commercial pilots."

    Your instructors should be focused on giving you great training, not preaching to you on what to do with your life in 12 years. If the Air Force offered an overall great QOL package, pilots wouldn't be leaving at historical rates. My advice: do your best, don't piss anyone off, be positive, and don't close any doors.
  6. Stars In my Eyes Pilot Candidate Set me straight.

    Buyer beware. Realize what you are getting yourself into. You will have limited to no control of your life for 12+ years. You will be part of the 10% who does 90% of the work and gets little credit. You will work your ass off. You will see careerists climb the career ladder for the wrong reasons. Is it worth it? Depends on the individual. I would say most Air Force pilots love serving their country even with all the BS.
  7. Are you referring to the JetBlue program? I'm not aware of the big three having an entry program... yet.
  8. This has all been done before man. Google Comair academy. It simply hasn't happened at the majors because there isn't a need..... yet
  9. When we're those stats last updated? We haven't had a GNE ever since I've been doing this. Judging by my friends flying for the airlines, the upgrade process for becoming an AC in the AF is highly in depth and much more intense, especially considering they are doing it with 1000 hrs total. Of course, I'm speaking for C-17s only.
  10. Was flying for the Air Force worth it?

    This. If you want to be a military pilot, serve your country as an aviator, and avoid the bureaucratic inefficiency much of the USAF has become, join the ARC.
  11. C-17 Globemaster Q&A

    Curious what the ops tempo is like now at CHS?
  12. USAF Budget Cuts

    We lost our cable in the VOQ at Altus
  13. Charleston AFB info

    Just got C-17's to Charleston and was curious if there was any updated info on good places to live/places to avoid? Also, what's the current ops tempo for a new copilot who wants to fly? Still the standard 200/250 days gone a year? Any info appreciated.
  14. Robins AFB info

    I'm getting towards the end of UPT and am interested in JSTARS. How is life as a new copilot? How is Macon and the surrounding area? Any info is appreciated. Feel free to PM as well.
  15. T-6 Down at Laughlin

    Good to know they are alive. Hope it's not one of my bros down there