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  1. Heard back from one of the units I applied at. Sounds like they might be interested in me but the unit is not processing age waivers at this time. Said they will reach back out if that policy changes in the future. Seems to me like that will most likely happen post the Covid crisis/airlines picking back up. I just hope that doesn't happen in 3-5 years like some have said.
  2. Hey now, its paradise once you put them beer goggles on๐Ÿ˜Ž Thi s year may be rough since they closed the campus. but the med part just got a new building at the hospital. And its dirt cheap compared to other offerings. YMMV
  3. I'm graduating PA school at SIUC and trying to go rated. Great area, great school, cheap cost of living. Guard base nearby.
  4. Im about to graduate PA school next month so I though I'd chime in. Vitamin D is essential for calcium/phosphate production and absorption. Vitamin D is produced by your kidneys. D2 and reduced by sunlight to the active vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Most common cause of Vitamin D deficiency is being inside for too long, especially in northern latitudes and cloudy overcast days. A few of the most common reasons fora pathologic deficiency is renal failiure or rickets, causing a condition called osteomalacia where your poor little body is consuming its own bones for Ca+ and PO4- . My advice, if your BMP/CMP lab workup is fine and your don't have signs of renal failure such as: fatigue, malaise , edema, itching, lower or upper extremity pain, CAD, MI, dyspnea, nausea, vomiting, muscle twitching, encephalopathy (brain swelling), pale skin, or yellowing of the skin, easy bruising (low platelets) then go out in the sun for 15 mins a day or to Walmart and get some D3 5000 IUs. Or even more effective, prescription for D2 (ergaciforol) 50,000 IU/weekly to get your levels up. Caveat: if your prone to kidney stones, stay away from the supplements.
  5. Update of sorts, haven't heard from any of the units I applied to yet, but a ANG unit in Minnesota said they would run up a waiver for a CSO (nav) position. Not exactly what I'm trying to apply for but at least lets us know there can be some traction gained out there.
  6. Which C17 units I will be sure to check them out. I had applied a few years back before they moved the maximum age up. But of course that was in 2013 when all boards were down across the board. Got picked for AD CSO but knew I wanted to fly up front since I was already CFIing by then. As far as volunteering, I've been picking up at the local hospital since our clinicals got cancelled for PA school. I work at the lab as a medical lab scientist running those covid samples and all kinds of other testing so maybe that can be seen as community service. I just know that when I'm really old I'll regret not flying so I wanna get on it because I can put PA on ice for a while if need be. Definitely best of luck to the rest of you guys applying, I feel like the need is there we just gotta shine for the boards enough that they overlook the age number. I'm sure alot of those guys are over 30 and don't think of themselves as old.
  7. I'm over by STL s o KC-135s and C-130s are the main air frames around here. Will also apply to the C-5 unit as well. Not interested in fighers so not probably going to apply to those squadrons. I will definitely check out those cites to see what I can learn. I'm gonna apply till they block me at this point haha. Good luck to you too!
  8. Well I'm nearing graduation again and have been curious about flying for the USAF. This time i'm graduating PA school this August with a Master's in Science. Wanna do this new gig part-time but now that im 35 and a half, I'd like to toss my hat in the ring maybe one last time for a buzzer beater. The spark is still there, I feel and look young for my age. Not blind or deaf and no health problems. I can run like a cheetah (especially if I'm chased) and pretty sure I can make whatever fitness standards apply in my old age. Anyway, I sent my packet to a few local ANG units because I read they raised the age for pilot training. If it doesn't work out I may just buy a C150 till the airlines start to hire again, but would rather fly and serve. Any change in the current CoV-2 environment? These are some of my stats: AFOQT: P92 N63 AA74 V83 Q58, PSCM: 93, GPA: 3.7 Undegrad in Aviation Mgmt. 3.5 Master's in PA. 3 letters of rec- 1. Chief CFI at my past aviation university 2. professor who was former officer in the AF 3. professor who was ATC in Denver. BS in Aviation and will have a M.S. here soon. Also, I'm already a pilot with Multi, CFI, Instrument and Commercial back from my undergrad days. Also submitting prior EPRs from 4 years AD and 1 year ANG from 10 years ago. Is it a long shot to apply to units? I'm doing it because they raised the age so I figure they must need flyers. Thanks guys, I love hearing the success stories on this board.
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