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  1. Current ANG rated guy, thinking about applying to med school. Live in great location and have custody of kids here. Big picture question, in the event I get accepted, is there an avenue where ANG would/could pay for med school? Fully understand there would be some sort of “medical commitment” I’m only finding AD commitment stuff online, which is a no-go do to custody issues referenced above Thanks for any and all help -Chem
  2. Baseops, I admit, I should know more about the in's/out's of mil retirement than I currently do but I'm reaching out to the guys who've been there and the pro's on here who know way more than I do. Handling finances with former spouse and they are asking for mil retirement value. I've been in for 3 years and told them (and my lawyer) that in the Guard its points based and those can vary year to year so it's hard to put a value to that (from my limited understanding). I confirmed this with my FM and personnel office (even had personnel office generate a letter stating that the 20/20/20 and 20/20/15 rules wouldn't allow my ex any $$ anyway). But even after all this, my lawyer still says I'm required to give a numerical value stating what my retirement mil pay would be. Again, I should know more about this, but I need to generate something ASAP and just wondering if anybody has any info that would help All this was based on date of separation from spouse which was Apr 2015 and I was a 2LT with 1.5 years in Any and all help is appreciated -Chem
  3. Ditto what 2016UPT stated. Get out there now and do what you can. I interviewed with a unit summer of 2012 (age 27), received training dates summer 2013, officer school winter 2014, UPT summer 2014, graduated UPT 10 days before 30th bday in 2015. However, why it took so long to get my training dates was the Gov't shutdown. But classmates at UPT (guard/reserve side) averaged about 2 year"ish" from interview date to UPT start date. May not be what you want to hear but that's the truth. Did have a few guys over 30 at start of UPT but had age waivers (both were former aircrew and was told their bases fought to get those waivers) Mine is just one, of many, different scenarios/timeslines it took to get into UPT. Hope it helps and best of luck Note: since age isn't on your side and if you do get an interview, be sure to read through the interview questions thread on baseops. I read that front and back and all those insights are spot on with what they look for: good work ethic and good dude to hang with greatly outweigh perfect grades with shitty personality. A lot of great info on this website that I used to, luckily, get selected.
  4. This is my first PCS (DITY) so please excuse my inexperience. I'll have a 14' Uhaul with a car in tow behind, moving in to base housing. I have never been to CBM so my question is if there is a specific gate I should use to enter the base due to the size of my rental and vehicle? Not really wanting to try and back everything up by showing up at the wrong gate. Additionally, do I need to contact security forces ahead of time because I'm moving stuff? Thanks for any help -Chem
  5. FYI on cold weather gear. As a 14-03 graduate I would strongly encourage people to bring their cold gear (watch cap and gloves). The AMS staff cannot predict the weather and it has been an abnormally cold year so far. But the biggest reason I say this is that the ENTIRE flight must be standardized/look exactly the same (trust me, I was "blessed" with being the standardization officer). Therefore, if its cold outside during week 1 and everybody but 1 person has their watch cap, then the entire flight must wear the ABU hat because everybody must look the same (standardized, you will hear that more then you'll ever want to). However, the fleece is a different story. Because if worn correctly, underneath the APECS, it shouldn't be seen. So it doesn't matter if you wear it and somebody else doesn't but I would recommend it because it does make a difference when your standing outside during drill practice or open ranks. Just my simple opinion, if you get down there and the forecast calls for mid 80's. Great, throw all your cold gear in your car or in the luggage closet on day 1. Problem solved. Personally, I'd much rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. -Chem
  6. Whatever you can get done beforehand, the better. People did take their stuff to alterations but it was a tight crunch from the time you are allowed to leave the OTS campus and then had to go pick it up for open ranks. Which you will have within the first few weeks and will be in a world of trouble if you are the only one who doesn't have his/her service jacket. Again, get whatever you can done beforehand. This will produce less stress in an already stressful situation -Chem
  7. As stated already, you will take a PT test on day 1. From my understanding (and what I saw) they used this test as a guideline to see if you needed any additional training (I knew of people who failed but were not sent home). Then around week 5 you will take the 'real deal' PT test. However, if you cannot pass the PT test on day 1 you are not helping your flight out. In fact, you are making them look bad. So do some push/sit ups and run before you arrive to not be the thorn in your flights side from day 1.
  8. Just got back from AMS yesterday. Anybody want any additional info don't hesitate to PM me. -Chem
  9. My $0.02 I was told that nothing really starts moving until after the FC1 at WP. Apparently that is a hurdle that some applicants cannot cross and units want to know this before putting a package together (which takes time) to send to the guard bureau for class assignment . I received AMS and UPT dates at the same time. Again, it varies from unit to unit. Best of luck
  10. Baseops, I'll be attending UPT in May. I'm a very inexperienced private pilot with just around 100 hours (I'm a teacher so I currently don't have the $ to fly regularly). I was wondering if anybody has any online/study guides/video recommendations for general instrument lessons? I've been told that military instrument flying is 'somewhat' different than civilian but I would just like to have a decent base of how it all works. I've already used some of the helpful info about the T-6 info given on baseops.(Thank you for those that shared those items) Any and all help is greatly appreciated. -Chem
  11. Will be attending UPT in May and hoping some people could help with some questions. I've read through this entire topic and haven't quite found concrete answers. Below are my questions: 1. I'm married and have a infant son, they 'technically' will not be coming with me to UPT (wife has a great job that would be stupid to leave). However, her employer has given her the 'thumbs' up to have 8 days/month to work remotely from home (which we are thankful for). Her and my boy are planning to travel and stay with me during these 8 days/month. This should excuse me from being considered an 'unaccompanied officer' and having to live in the dorms correct? 2. Any recommendations on apartments? Are Waverly and Franklin(?) still the recommended? By next year my little guy should be walking/running/roaming so if we could choose we would want a playground/park nearby but overall we need someplace that is 'safe' to be out and about. (close to base would be a plus) 3. Is there a timeframe in which I need to contact these apartments? I'm assuming they are almost always full due to the rapid turnover of new people coming in constantly. I'm still 9 months away, but trying to plan ahead as best as possible. Thanks for any and all help. -Chem
  12. rancormac, I live 6 hours from my unit, so I'm not in your location situation but I swore in to my unit last October and went to Wright-Pat in December for FC1. I didn't have an ID card yet and didn't have any issues at WP, my drivers license was enough. Also, I would highly recommend swearing in as soon as you can or else you'll be footing the bill for travel to WP, lodging, food, ect. I met a few other reserve/guard guys who had not enlisted before and they were from across the country and it was an expensive trip for them. Just my $0.02 -Chem
  13. Anybody read 'Hill 488' by Ray Hildreth? I couldn't put it down and knocked it out in 4 days. First hand account of soldiers turning a no-win situation, into a survivable one through absolute courageous determination. Any other Vietnam suggestions? Thank you
  14. I was also wondering about this. My wife and (will be year old when I leave for UPT) son plan on staying in our home while I'm at training. My wife has a dream job that would be stupid to leave. I was planning on staying in the dorms while at UPT and sending whatever $ back to the wife (quality daycare is a bitch on the wallet). But I was also wondering if there is/was any assistance for families not going to UPT. I know with all the budget cuts seems like anything/everything is getting hit. Thanks for any and all help.
  15. Port Dog, how were you notified? Phone call? E-mail? My package was sent out the first week in May March (shortly after yours), so I'm hopeful my dates will arrive soon. I'm curious how your unit notified you (and I'm sure every unit varies). Thanks
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