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  1. Did they "counter offer" or just flat out "no"? Thanks!
  2. Well, I think we've squashed that idea. Thanks for everyone's advice!
  3. Anyone done this recently? If so, 1) Is VRAD USERRA protected? 2) Are VRAD pilots ARP eligible? 3) Pros/cons you have found so far. Thanks!!
  4. I did a quick search and found the question posted, but not really answered... Are VRAD (voluntary return to active duty) 11Fs ACP eligible? Apparently there are some unfilled 3 year orders available, but the VRAD AFI doesn't seem to address it directly. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, Lots of info on this, but not exactly what I am looking for... Have a couple of questions on pay and benefits: It seems that ARTs go with the GS scale; is that fixed by my rank or the position itself? What step would I start with? How much pay do most fighter guys get from the reserve side? (Which I understand to be in addition to ART pay.) Flight pay? BAH/BAS? (My research says no, but just checking...) Health Care for the family? Looks like I could purchase for a price. (Should have cared more about Obamacare!) Anything else that I am not considering? Thanks in advance for the help/advice! Crate
  6. Spoke with our assignment guy today and he said to expect assignments by the end of the week...
  7. We had most of our squadron get assignments except for three of us. No AETC assignments that I know of across the community. Pile on: I haven't heard of any AETC assignments being given out in the sense of white jets (IFF, T-38, T-6), but has anyone even gotten a TX assignment to an AETC base (Viper TX, etc.)?
  8. The VML came out recently and a few people didn't get assignments and were told to standby for more words. The story from the rumor mill is that AETC is doing some restructuring and that anyone with a AETC assignment is being told to wait for their assignment. Anyone else seeing this at their base or have any SA on the situation? Crate
  9. Dude, not to start a flame war, but are you even done with the B-Course yet? Have you ever fought a Strike before? A clean viper is without a doubt better than a Strike with CFTs and PODs (our standard config). We don't take off everything to go out and fight BFM/ACM. That being said, I have fought Vipers, Hornets, and C-Models and will be the first to tell you... it is not always just the jet but the pilot that matters. For the original question: Yeah we spend about 1/2 of our time on Air to Air sorties (BFM/ACM/DCA) and about half our time on A/G (SAT/CAS/BSA). Our primary mission right now however is CAS -- and we are good at it. Hawgs and Strikes are what the guys on the ground want. Not Vipers with two bombs, short vul times, and inability to execute Yo-Yo ops. rant//off
  10. Thanks to all who have donated to the River Rat's 529 fund. We are in awe of the response so far. Some of you have been asking about immediate expenses for the wives and families in addition to the 529. For those who would like to contribute to a family "emergency fund," please send your donations directly to the 336th Fighter Squadron: 336th Fighter Squadron c/o Mr. Terry Gainer 1155 Brooks Ave, Suite 100 Seymour Johnson AFB, NC 27531 (919) 722-3050 Please make checks payable to "336th Aircrew Fund" with Pitbull/Lag (or any other specifics) in the memo line. This money will be collected and go directly to the wives of Captains McDowell and Gramith. Thank you for your continued support of the families of Pitbull and Lag during this time of need. The Rockets would also like to thank you for your prayers and support as we continue the fight in Afghanistan. -Ninja justin.goldstein@bgab.centaf.af.mil
  11. All, I want to thank you for the outpouring of support being offered by our community. We, as Rockets are coping as well as can be imagined, continuing to take the fight to the enemy, and devoting 100% of our efforts into honoring our two brothers. I am the Rocket POC for all things Pitbull and Lag related and invite you to contact me at any time. There will be a daily email sent out with updates on projects currently in progress or planned for the future. I have included both my email address and information for contributing to Lag's Daughter's College Funds. A special thanks to the River Rats for their unending support. Again, thank you all for being here for us in the worst of times. Rooster zachary.probst@bgab.afcent.af.mil zachary.probst@bgab.afcent.af.smil.mil On-line credit card donations can be made using the "Give Direct" option at www.AirWarriorCourage.org. When prompted, indicate that the donation is for the "Gramith Family". Donations can also be made by check payable to "AWCF". On the "For" line indicate "Gramith Family". Checks should be mailed to AWCF, PO Box 1553, Front Royal, VA 22630-0033
  12. I have heard several rumors involving funding and timelines for this program. Reading AFI 11-405 makes it seem like you must have already completed med school to apply...this can't be the case. Anyone in the know -- after I finish my first tour, can I then attend med school on the Air Force's dime? If so, can I expect to go back to fighters afterwards? What med schools are options -- only the Air Force run one or any? Do you keep rank and active duty status while at school? AFI 11-405 talks about still being eligible for WIC, is that only if you go back to the same airframe? This sounds like an unbeleivable opportunity and I would love to find out more about it...thanks in advance for any help.
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