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  1. MAJCOM = no blues and because of the time difference we knew before we went home on Friday. Wings = their own discretion...unknown if some Wing CCs chose to stick with it.
  2. Parker, Go to AHRN.com. There's a bunch of 1-2 bedroom options that allow pets.
  3. GO PATS and MHK MHK = Myra Kraft's initials, she's the late wife of the team owner and the Patriots dedicated the season to her.
  4. And1, Go to the AF Portal and search the CoPs for Rated Staff Assignments. On AFPC/DDPAOS's CoP look at the International Affairs Strategists folder. They hung old attache messages there and it has some of the info/contact info you're looking for. Jonesy
  5. For ABMs as it stands right now, you can go after you complete your first assingment post Tyndall. They want you to start your rated development and to do that, you need to start your flying gates. They may ask for more volunteers, much like the test UAV class example; but they only took 1 ABM in that case. ABM rated managment needs bodies, so if you're just getting classified as an ABM you'll have to wait awhile. That being said, once you've completed your IQT/MQT in which ever jet, let your boss know what you want to do and make sure your developmental plan (ADP) reflects (realistically) what you want to do. Jonesy
  6. Leeroy Jenkins...he lives. Jonesy
  7. I agree, the War Lover with Steve McQueen is great. Another great movie is the Bridges at Toko Ri. Jonesy
  8. Any of Tom "Bear" Wilson's trilogy starting with "Termite Hill", "Tango Uniform" and "Lucky's Bridge". Same with any of Mark Berent's novels. Both sets are historical novels set during Vietnam. Wilson's deal with the Thud and start of the Wild Weasel mission and Berent's deal mostly with Phantoms and some F-100 action. Jonesy
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