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  1. I extended my DEROS twice in one assignment. My commander worked it out with my parent MAJCOM A1 and functional assignment team at AFPC.
  2. Gate months

    Having started this thread 11 years ago, I'll say, Holy Thread Revival....
  3. In my C-130 squadron the TRB for AC was more of a "who is next" than it was a board. But that was in the time when it was 4 on 4 off in OIF and OEF so it may have changed now. If a pilot who was weak made it through AC school they usually got sent to white jets before they could deploy as an AC or were paired with the strongest copilot we had, on occasion another aircraft commander. My MC-130 squadron the TRB could be a bloodbath. I have seen several guys get delayed for AC or IP depending on what experience they had and how they good they were, or weren't.
  4. Not really if you understand the situation
  5. In the UK I got a Barclays account because most utilities require direct debit and you must have a pound account. Foreign financial interests must be reported on your security clearance investigation but a five minute explanation during my interview was all it took and the investigator moved on as if it was no big deal.
  6. 2004 year group was a 75% DP allocation. I actually thought 75% had been the standard the last few years but hopefully somebody that pays attention to that stuff and has been around longer can confirm or correct that for me.
  7. USMC to hit the Mach Loop/Roundabout

    Like he said, call us, it's easy to set up, easier than flying low level in Germany anyways, and the US. Edited to say PM me as well
  8. The Altitude Chamber

    Mildenhall is using the ROBD at Lakenheath, just did it a few weeks ago. Had three -130 guys and a KC-135 guy in my class.
  9. Leave Questions

    Herk Driver, My point was that if his leadership approves him being on leave the "variations authorized" on his orders allow him to go back and retroactively put leave into his itinerary. I should have made that clearer in my first post. Its probably also good to point out that my unit is pretty liberal about what we approve over the phone and email, without orders or amendments to orders until well after the fact.
  10. Leave Questions

    Are variations authorized on your orders? If so, go on leave and deal with it when you file the voucher. LeaveWeb is not required if you log the leave in DTS. I took a week of leave after SOS and only got it cleared through my commander. I had to work an amendment to my orders when I got back to file my voucher, but everybody at my base was very helpful getting the amendment done even though it was after the fact.
  11. SOS/ACSC information

    Second on what ThreeHoler just said about stats not meaning much because in the end he is right. That being said I was told 18% of the '04 board were school selects and the Air Force target for the '04 guys is 33% attend school in-residence. Use the stats for what you want but I am '04 guy who is not a select, I am planning on working hard and hopefully getting lucky. The good news is if you never go to school in-res and check all your boxes you may be able to make Lt Col with about half the work of the bros that go to school, staff, and command. Edit: sorry I missed the original question about AAD, no idea about that one.
  12. Boss, I quit...

    Gen Welsh is making the rounds in the next month or so to have "All Pilot" calls at some bases. I don't know the agenda but I know the SOG guys at Mildenhall were not invited and were told they were not expected to go. Maybe he will announce his plans there.
  13. The Officers Club

    Its funny to see things change, just a few years ago at a certain base in southwest texas the WG/CC mandated the club stayed open until the last people were done drinking, and that WG/CC went on to get his first star.
  14. Contact lens info

    My squadron is at my FTU base, but the RA had no problem paying for my contacts while in the schoolhouse. He only got me what i needed to fly, not the full set required for deployments and whatnot. I would say throw the bullshit flag if you are at your squadron. If you are attached to some other squadron then it might be different.
  15. LRAFB Tail Smash?

    My post was deemed inappropiate considering that there is an on-going investigation into a drop a couple of weeks ago that didnt land on DZ. I talked to the mod who deleted it and its cool. To the guys from the schoolhouse who read my post about the 53rd, it was a joke. To the dyess guys, That comment on the taxi incident was a joke.