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  1. You've got stats and I still haven't been notified...
  2. Anyone else seen the list? Willing to DM?
  3. Seems like a no brainer selection to me...if that helps you relax a bit.
  4. A large percentage of BPZs wouldn’t have attended school yet so it’s not something for a board to take into consideration anyway as a determining factor.
  5. I didn't realize DP allocations were separate for BPZ and I/ABZ. So what was the DP BPZ allocation this year? Anyone have an idea historically what percentage of DP BPZs get promoted?
  6. Does anybody have any experience as a school alternate? When were you notified of your selection (or non-selection)? Did your CFM communicate with you at all during the wait?
  7. Here ya go Officer FSB Eligibility Matrix - 28 Mar 14.pdf Officer Voluntary Eligibility Matrix - 28 Mar 14.pdf
  8. I'm a former missiller and I never wear my flight suit in my new job now that I don't have to go in the hole anymore. I prefer ABUs because civilians don't confuse me with pilots and I never had any desire to be a pilot anway. I would have preferred we wore the old blue suits, but that also would have been a waste of money. Most missileers immediately changed into pajamas once they were underground anyway, so there is no need for a fire retardant material. I respect what pilots do, but missiles is a shit job that nobody gives a ###### about, and they do it every day thanklessly. I'm glad to see they flight suits gone from AFSPC, but I don't think AFGSC is on board yet. Anyway, flight suits are a waste of money for non-fliers, but trust me when I say space and missile Airmen didn't want that job just so they could wear a flight suit. We're all in this ######ed up Air Force together so a little brotherly love could go a long way---and besides the Air Force probably spends $700,000+ a year on trash bags so the "saving money" aspect is something of a joke.
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