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  1. I'm finishing up at the school house this week at The Rock. Looks like I will finish a few days before my projected grad date. I will be staying here at one of the squadrons. Can anyone tell me what squadron indoc is like for a guy going to fly H3s?
  2. Corpus Christi 08-51 Drop 5 Mar 09 AC-130H Cannon C-130 Yokota C-130J LR X 2 C-130 LR C-130 Pope UAS Creech Overall, kind of a disappointing drop. Nobody got anything in their top 3, but everyone was ok....except for the guy that got the predator...we're going drinking!!
  3. Corpus Christi 12 Feb 09 Class 08-48 Only 4 dudes MC-130H Hurlburt C-130H Cheyenne C-130H Little Rock MQ-1 Pred Creech
  4. Corpus Christi Drop on 30 Oct 08 MC-130P Eglin NSA Cannon C-130 Yokota C-130H3 Cheyenne EC-130 DM UAV Creech
  5. They are going to start taking guys from Corpus for UAVs. They (AFPC and the UAV road show) told us that starting in 2009, they will take about 1 guy per class.
  6. ENJJPT 08-06 B-52 X 2 B-1 F-16 X 2 (Both Guard) F-15E X 2 A-10 X 2 U-28 X 6 NSA X 3 F-22 X 2
  7. ENJJPT 08-05 F-15E A-10 X 4 F-16 X 2 B-1 X 2 B-52 T-38 T-6 U-28 X 4 NSA X 2
  8. The student was Alec Littler. A great guy who everybody seemed to know. He will not be forgotten. http://www.timesrecordnews.com/news/2008/may/02/victims/
  9. ENJJPT 08-04 T-6 X 1 B-2 X 1 F-15E X 2 F-16 X 5 A-10 X 2 U-28 X 3 NSA X 2 Tornado X 3 (for zee Germans) It was a good drop and an awesome night. These guys stood in front of the "Box of Destiny". The dudes had confetti thrown in their face if they got their first choice or they got punched in the face if they didn't. It was hilarious.
  10. ENJJPT 08-02 drop F-16 X 8 (1 Guard?) F-15C X 2 F-15E X 2 B-52 X 2 B-1 T-38
  11. The tweets at Sheppard are now averaging around 20,000 hours. Flew one with 21,000+ before. It's a great airplane for training, no doubt. The topic of personal ejection minimums is something that is briefed everytime you fly the tweet. Most people agree upon 150 knots OR 500 feet. As long as you have one those, you can pull the handles. Yes, the emergency minimums are lower as well as the -1 parameters for final turn and final, but most people would rather put the airplane on the ground (as long as the airplane isn't breaking up). From what I have heard about this incident I am glad they had the better seats.
  12. ENJJPT 08-01 drop F-16 X 7 F-15C X 2 F-15E X 2 A-10 B-52 T-38 T-37/T-6
  13. Nothing. I was suprised to find that several people in my UPT class didn't drink. It doesn't make a difference...
  14. ENJJPT 07-08 drop F-16 - 6 (1 guard?) A-10 - 1 (guard) B-52 - 1 T-37 - 1 T-38 - 1
  15. Where are getting your kegs from? Is there a place in Pueblo? I'll be there in about 2 weeks and that might be some good info. Have you been taking trips on the weekends? Is there anything worth seeing if you do take a weekend trip?
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