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  1. Word is out... “hide your kids, and hide your wives”
  2. 9 July is the public release for both the Maj and Lt Col board.
  3. I agree that you should pursue a Masters of your choice. It is just completely BS to get online masters from ERAU and all the other sites that teach at a high school level and sell it as a masters degree. ERAU charges a premium for classes that are taught by the students from the previous semester. It is completely a racketeering gig to get an aviation degree that waives all your electives based on your Air Force experience and sells a masters program for completing a handful of core classes. Get an engineering, computer science, or MBA from a respectable institution and actually improve yourself. There needs to be a higher standard placed on higher education certification. Very few degrees should be handed out online. When half of the Air Force has degrees from institutions that have lost their accreditation I think we have a problem.
  4. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-military/2018/06/29/t-6-squadron-pauses-training-after-more-obogs-scares/ Anyone have the inside story. Is this going to shut things down for a while and "Help" the pilot production problem.
  5. why keep doing a BS masters program? Be the best at your job and the AF will send you to school if you want to make O-6
  6. Question: On CONUS to CONUS PCS can you ship one of your cars. My wife is going to have a baby 5 weeks prior to our PCS and it would be much easier to just ship her car vs. driving with a little one or coming back and driving twice. I looked in the JFTR and 36-2110 and couldn't find what I was looking for. Thanks for any advice.
  7. This is crazy! What are the pilots and T-6 SQ/CCs saying about this? I can't believe that this would be an acceptable COA. Are you guys really going to fly with this half baked plan to just "turn off the OBOGS unless you need it" Looks like someone is going to have to die before a leader makes a decision for his people rather than his boss.
  8. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/02/23/air-forces-grounded-t-6-trainers-could-fly-again-next-week/ Do I read this correctly? They are starting to fly the T-6 again on Monday but you won't use your mask, instead the plan is to breath cockpit air at low enough altitudes? Any push back from the guys actually flying this plan?
  9. Our whole squadron had them last winter. I would say about 20-30% of the guys used it and liked it. The only complaint with them is that the arms where longer/bigger than a jacket that size. It took a little getting use to but I know once I got use to it I used it on most sorties.
  10. I was pissed. No one around here (TX) likes hockey. I was shocked to see that the game was bumped on our tv network here for some fundraiser that went all night. They bumped the game to fox, which took half of the first period to figure out.
  11. I guess what I am wondering is how many fighter guys are still waiting at your base. I assume sheppard has the most... which I believe is about 10-15 people. What about the other bases?
  12. How is the BIT progress going at your base. How many fighter guys are still waiting for IFF/RTU dates? Are the days on BIT decreasing at your base or are guys still waiting up to a year on BIT? How and when do you think the AF will get caught up with all the F-16 and A-10 guys that are waiting up to a year to start IFF?
  13. You have been so brainwashed by the AF and your need to become a Hot Sh*t fighter pilot that you don't understand the love for simply flying. I assume you never experienced GA flying before going to UPT, and if you did it could only be from some flight training school. If you had flown, like the original guy that asked this question, you would know how fun it is to takeoff... not talk to anyone and simply FLY. You might not be going 300 kts in a 172 but you can fly into a grass strip walk to a local breakfast place and have just as much fun as Brabus does saying "so to speak" and pointing with his elbows. Enjoying the simple side of flying in a small GA airplane is something that I missed during UPT and would encourage you to do if you can make the time. As for if you are allowed... I agree with what most have said. We just had to fill out a hazardous duty form to fly and there were no restrictions. However, if your leadership says no for some reason then just shut up an color. That leadership thinks that limiting your personal activates will make you a better student, but ultimately it comes down to your time management skills and task prioritization. Don't get me wrong... flying an AF jet is a blast, but there is something to be said when you are not getting graded for everything you are doing and just having a good time with your friends in the air.
  14. SPS: F-16x2 F-15C F-15Ex2 A-10 (ANG) B-52
  15. it makes sense why they want do get you some training in an F-16. While you are going through intense training at IFF you still aren't nearly task saturated as you are when you are going on an air-to-air mission in a F-15 or F-16 and for that reason you are more amped up and excited. All it takes is for one dumb Lt to forget to do his g-strain and there goes a 200 million dollar airplane. That is what the few hr. in an F-16 will give that young Lt. My understanding is that the emphasis is not to teach that Lt to fly an F-16 but rather to use that F-16 to get a young pilot in a situation that will task saturate him/her and test their ability to handle high g's and still have someone in that back seat to take over if they black out.... from my understanding this is a common problem in the FTU of F-16s and F-15s.... It sure seems logical to me and who wouldn't want to make sure our best fighter is in the hands of a competent pilot!
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