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  1. Take rate for all eligibles is 20.3% Take rate for initial eligibles of pilots on manned fixed-wing platforms is 34%
  2. Current Manned Fixed-Wing Pilot take rate is 35%. Data is skewed by a close to 50% rate from E-3s and E-8s. The rest are similar to the C-17 and fighter take rates around 12%. 12%!
  3. Is anyone smart on the original question of this thread, now that the BRS is happening? If I choose to stay grandfathered in while on active duty, separate at my UPT ADSC and do 20 in the Guard/Reserve, will I still be grandfathered into the Guard/Reserve original retirment percentage? I fear that they will reset me to the new system when I transition to the Guard/Reserve and I will miss out on years of matching while on active duty, thinking I would be grandfathered.
  4. They could easily win a few points by making the flight pay increase retroactive for the fiscal year. It'd be a nice little bonus without any commitment required. It would show that maybe they do care an ounce without needing something in return. Should be doable since Congress gave them the OK on the increase prior to FY17. (it won't happen)
  5. Which strat does Delta care about?
  6. Awesome. Absolutely nothing came of this. Meanwhile, 8 months of the "crisis" has continued since Congress gave the AF the ability to increase ACIP to close to inflation corrected values from 1994. Still, no action. What else has happened in those 8 months? Well just about every Major I know has separated and gotten hired by the airlines. What has the AF done to keep any pilot in? All I've seen is that we can roll our sleeves. If this is really a "crisis," Big Blue is not in "crisis mode."
  7. Question about contribution limits under the new blended retirement system. The FAQs aren't exactly clear. Say I normally hit the contribution limit of $18,000 into TSP. Do the new direct contributions and government matching fall under that same limit or are those above and beyond my personal contributions? i.e Are my contributions along with the government's contributions capped at 18k a year? Thanks in advance.
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