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Well, looks like I'll be heading up to Oregon soon! I have been told that I should receive my orders in a week or two, so hopefully about a month after that we'll be heading up to the northwest. If anyone knows anything about Klamath Falls, let me know.

I start part of my training at Keesler around mid November, there for about 3 months, then head back up to Oregon for 2 years to train alongside the F-15s up there.

I'm pretty excited and can't wait to move on!


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Well, glad to see that you know where you are headed...the Pacific Northwest is great(I'm from the Seattle area). Not familiar with Klamath Falls, but I am sure its OK. I'll bet you are glad to be moving on. How about the other guys in your flight that were on CR...how are they doing?

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I'm really looking forward to going up there and experience a part of the country I haven't been to yet.

As far as the others that were on CR: 2 of them so far have gotten kicked out (one was having flying issues and the other was puking) so that sucks for them, but they're taking it well. The rest of them are still waiting on the word from the man. Had our reservist from McChord AFB having issues now, too. He's supposed to do an 89 ground eval tomorrow or sometime in the near future so that's no bueno.

I'll keep yall updated on things!

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