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BL: Do RPA selects for the UFT boards have any say for their follow on assignment since the RPA pipeline ceased doing drop nights?

I’m applying for this years AD UFT board and was wondering what input the member has to their follow on assignment. I only qualify for RPA and with the new assignment process—if I’m tracking correctly— you get your follow on assignment first and then TDY to your training pipeline courses. It would be nice to have some say to the matter. Thanks for any and all responses!

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Not RPA, but know multiple people that recently went through the pipeline. You get to create a "dream sheet" at OTS, ranking all the RPA bases. Then you get assigned to a base, and will be assigned whatever drone is at the assigned base.

What was shitty was that it just had the bases listed, not whether the base was MQ-9s and RQ-4s, so if you don't know which bases had which RPA, you're shit out of luck.

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