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Note: Tried searching this topic in the forum and found very little on it specifically.

Is there a general consensus or standard on how/when to request an accelerated promotion in AFRC?  According to Mypers its a letter pushed through VPC to ARPC.  Have a date but its > 1 yr out, which puts me at 7 yrs TIG/11 yrs total service for O-4. Seems strange considering PVs are promoting at 5 yrs TIG/9 yrs total basically giving them a 2 year advantage.

My CC sounds like he would consider pushing the request to Sr Rater (Wg/CC) but not sure what kind of justification is required to get an O-6 to approve.  Right now my unit is grossly undermanned for officers, and the career field (last i heard) was hurting for FGOs.  

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