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In state tuition for ROTC cadets

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I can definitely tell you that the University of Arkansas did not offer my son in state tuition. We lived there for 6 years but I PCS'd to Japan. Since I'm still on active duty, my home of residence is Michigan, my son did not qualify for in-state tuition which changed his scholarship from a Type 7 to a Type 2 (4 year to 3 year). To date, since my son graduated high school in Japan, I cannot get any college to offer him in-state tuition. I'm not even kidding.

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I heard someone talking about how some states/school offer in state tuition to Cadets. Was wondering if this is true and if so what states/schools offer it? 

Try https://www.afrotc.com/scholarships/other

Then click on the state you're interested in. It'll show all the schools and any perks they offer to AFROTC cadets. I know for a fact Texas A&M offers it. A&M also gets a lot of pilot slots every year if that's the ultimate goal. Good luck!




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Quick update, the University of Arkansas just offered my son in-state tuition out of the blue. It's their policy now that if you earn a Type 7 scholarship, they'll honor it as if you are an in state resident. Sweet deal.

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