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Found 2 results

  1. Current and former KC-10 people: The 2d ARS is putting together a group buy of KC-10 Breitling Aerospace watches. Peggy Ulmer is coordinating everything. She does not have a BODN account, so please contact her via KC10Spouse at gmail. There are currently 13 confirmed people in the group and we need at least 12 more to make the order. The deadline to order is 15 Jun. This should have the watches arriving in time for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus. The price is $2757 (40% off retail) and the payment is due in full prior to the order. If you wish to have the watch shipped to you, it will cost a bit more. Please contact Peggy for all details.
  2. All, putting together a Viper Bremont watch order. PM me with any questions or if interested. Watch: Bremont U-2 Anti-Shock, quite modified to be F-16 model, none exist yet Cost: basically half off for watch, calf leather and NATO bands, shipping, customs tax Stainless Steel Band: $375 to get at time of purchase (retail $750) Customization: Up to 8 characters engraved on back Visit www.bremont.com and check out the U-2 watch for movement/size type questions. Also they have an extensive Facebook page with a ton of stuffwww.facebook.com/bremontmilitary
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