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  1. My testing was done at Wright Patt so I'd be inclined to say the optometrists there are better gauges of testing. And yes, the first test done by the FAA and the Air Force was the cover/uncover test. I pass this test for the FAA but I did not for the Air Force. On the phoropter and Optec device they use for depth perception, I've been measured at almost 0. Any attempt I've had at trying to argue for a retest or reconsideration, even after showing AFRS the 5 optometry reports saying I was within standards was met with a firm negative. Not really sure there is much I can do at this point in the manner of convincing them, that's why I was seeking an ETP.
  2. Finding absolutely zero information on this process except from the very generic information that AFPC pushes out. I reached out to them and received additional clarification on the actual process, but not necessarily what is/isn't permitted or accepted to be submitted. I'm currently a 2d Lt with only about 4.5 months TIS and therefore I don't have much to show in terms of Air Force accomplishments or awards. I doubt they care about any performance from AFROTC or that I was already selected for a pilot slot beforehand. DQ'ed from FC1 without waiver and attempting to push for an Exception to Policy. Background info: AD 2d Lt; Commercial Single/Multi + Flight Instructor with over 300 hours; 94 PCSM; instrument rated; intermediate aerobatic flight instructor; experience with turboprop and turbojet aircraft; graduate of ERAU. FAA 1st Class Medical without waivers. Near phoria is 18-20 (10 is the limit) prism diopters when measured with the cover test, 0-3 diopters when measured with genuinely every other test they've thrown at me. It's also to note that I absolutely bombed the second test they gave me at my IFC (now one of the ones I score 0-3 on) due to genuinely not understanding what the optometrist wanted me to do and I was therefore marked as incomplete on the second test. Not the best look on my 2808 when trying to push for something like this. The FAA standard for this condition is 6 diopters as well, which I apparently fall into since I have a 1st class medical. It is also to note that my distance phoria measurement is consistently 3-5 diopters. My biggest gripe is that every civilian doctor (5) that I have gone to have placed me within the 0-3 diopter range and stated that my eye vergence ranges are well above that of the average person. When I spoke to 2 different Air Force Optometrists, the one was absolutely dumbfounded that I could have such a high phoria measurement on the cover test but be near 0 consistently on every other test he gave me, as well as have such strong vergence ranges. Additionally, he stated that I should have intense symptoms from this measurement such as double vision and poor depth perception, which I have neither as I also pass F consistently on the depth perception test. The second optometrist actually didn't even know how to measure my phoria because apparently this isn't a common issue for most people? I'm just generally looking for guidance on how I should go about presenting this to the upper levels of my command. My unit commander is obviously on board, but I have to convince my Wing and MAJCOM commander and gather their written endorsement just to be able to submit the ETP request to the AETC MAJCOM commander.
  3. Fairly sure that guard is entirely different from the AD selection process. You'll be clear on the guard side.
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