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  1. I have not, assuming that means we didn't get it because invites to submit videos went out, and so did tbnt emails. We must've fallen through the cracks since there were probably 300+ applications. Sent from my IN2025 using Tapatalk
  2. Or anyone get emails back or anything from Oregon? Sent from my IN2025 using Tapatalk
  3. Yessir, I'm currently serving as well. Sent from my IN2025 using Tapatalk
  4. I'm unable to make it over drill so I'm visiting on Tuesday, let us know how it goes! Sent from my IN2025 using Tapatalk
  5. I wish that's how it worked! Essentially I was told that applying at 26/27 (interview was just after my birthday) that it didn't show dedication, and I should've been applying 3 or 4 years ago. The applicant pool has gotten much more competitive especially with ROTC being allowed to go straight to guard now, so I was only in the top half of applicants he said. He was a prior enlisted crew chief as well, I thought I had a good shot, but obviously not a guarantee. I was told to do some soul searching and consider active duty because at my age it'll be hard to get fighters. Feels real bad
  6. I'm in the Air Guard, everyone who went down was on a voluntary basis, can't say so much for the Army guard, they were just activated and sent (at least from my state). It's really up to the governor of your state and if they declare state of emergency and to what degree. Also various states have alert sites where pilots live and sleep on rotations, and can launch at a moment's notice. This is reserved for (potential) 9/11 type instances, though I don't see why they wouldn't use it as a show of force if the situation called for it.
  7. Heard back the other day that I was selected to interview, I have a 94 pilot, 99 nav, 61, 78, 45 for the rest. Enlisted Guard Crew Chief of 8 years on F-16’s. My PCSM is 84 with 65.1 flight hours. Not sure how many they are interviewing, or how many applied, but I’ve been given the TBNT from Boise, Baltimore, and Tucson recently, and Atlantic City turned me down after interview despite being my home unit (not that I think I should’ve gotten it based on that). I’m as curious about VT’s standards as you are..
  8. @John3806 thanks man! appreciate the encouragement! I'm definitely trying to finish that out, hopefully I get home from DC sometime soon so I can make my scheduled check ride
  9. @John3806 i like to think I get along well! I'm a team player, (hockey, named captain, and as a crew chief I work with so many different people day to day, sports my whole life) the pilots and I have built a great rapport over the last 5 years or so. I actually did the 500$ bogidope combo last year before they increased the price, and got great feedback on my resume and cover letter, and practice with two of the pilots through the company for interview prep. I thought I nailed my interview at my base, we were all serious when necessary, and laughing when appropriate. almost seeme
  10. I'll try not to write my life's story, we'll see how that goes.. PCSM 84 with 65 flt hrs, ppl hopefully early February if I can leave DC anytime soon. PCSM is 95 with 201+ hrs 94 Pilot, 99 nav, 62/78/45 for the rest. 3.0 GPA in basketweaving 27 years old, July birthday 3 LORs, from Lt Col maintenance commander; fighter Squadron D.O., Major; and a Lt Col Pilot, all from my unit. - crew chief of the quarter first quarter back from tech school, 2 achievement medals, currently in DC protecting the capitol - executive board of students against drunk dr
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