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  1. Hey everyone! Anyone here have an Interview with the OHIO ANG next week? Anyone have any tips or tricks for the interview?
  2. Hey everyone! I am currently filling out my Civilian LO application, and the last thing I need to do is decide my top rated AFSCs. I am super worried about not passing the flight physcial due to a microdestomy I had. As much as I want to be the one behind the stick, serving as an officer means so much more to me. Between Pilot, RPA, CSO, and ABM, do any require flight physicals that are going to give me the best odds of getting around the microdestomy? Thank you so much for yall's help, and if you have any experience with getting a microdestomy, I would love to hear it.
  3. So will the Air Force still possibly allow me to let me fly if I am good for non-ejection seated aircraft? If I obtain my PPL, I don't have to attend the first portion of training, correct? Would that be for the T-6? Thank you so much everyone for answering my questions!
  4. And if I want to fly heavies, I would have to fly the T-6, correct?
  5. Hey everyone ... I will have having a microdesectomy tomorrow. Are my hopes of being a pilot dead in the water?
  6. Nope. Just called them directly and talked to the officer recruiter
  7. Does anyone know of any bases that are still accepting applications? Charleston told me that are not accepting anyone w/o 65+ flying hours 😞
  8. Didn't get the 145th slot(s). 3 selected out of 11. Didn't even hear it from them, had to hear it from someone else. One down, many more to go I am sure!
  9. *First post wahoooo I have an interview with the NC Guard this weekend -- any last minute tips or tricks?!
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