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  1. Hm okay. I might call later this week to make sure they received it. Thanks ya'll! Good luck
  2. Has anyone who applied to the MT ANG received confirmation they received your application?
  3. Initially I had just intended on applying to my local AFR unit but have since found an ANG unit I am hoping to apply to. I have only been talking to the AF recruiter and was wondering if I also needed to get in contact with the ANG recruiter. I have the AFOQT and the TBAS completed already. Also, all of my LORs reference the Air Force Reserve and not the Air Guard. Should I ask my references for separate letters?
  4. Is it frowned upon to apply to Guard units in a state you do not live in? I am really interested in a unit across the country but have never lived in that state. I would love to move there at some point, but I am hoping to apply to its upcoming board. Thanks!
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