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  1. WheelsOff, for what it's worth, below is a quote from the PC office regarding inclusion of a hiring letter and some some of the other mandatory documents. Apparently some get kicked back just for minor errors (like dates not matching). This isn't all the documents required but info about the ones that typically are missing or cause a hiccup in the application. "Intent to Hire letter from gaining unit showing tentative position (optional but highly encouraged)" "AF 2631 Palace Chase Statement of Understanding (witness & mbr dates must MATCH)" "Wet/digital signed justification memo (SAF PC will look at this)"
  2. Couple questions if anyone can help. Our local base policy requires our 1288 to be routed via an eSSS up to our Wing Commander. In that process it sat for about a month and a half. Group Commander decided to tag me with a 6 month deployment while it was sitting on his desk. Wing Commander recommended Disapprove and put in the comments that I am filling a deployment billet and would not be eligible for my 6 month PC request (deployment takes me right to the end of my commitment). Two questions...1) Are they likely to disregard the deployment comments because of the "Exception for Aircrew" policy as I've seen in previous posts? 2) Should I include an MFR that points to that regulation (as well as the timeline of events for routing of my 1288 showing I had applied for PC before the deployment). Follow up to that...if so, how can I upload an MFR after my CMS case has left the base? Thanks for any help!
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