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  1. Thank you for the rapid reply! That's definitely something that will come up and at that point it could go either way. Hopefully they'll see the goods of my particular situation and experience instead of the others. I know of a young man in a very similar situation to the one you mentioned above. In the end, he got picked up by a different F-16 squadron. So far 2 of 2 people that were DQ'd for carrier landings have been picked up by ANG F or A squadrons. It's somewhat ironic that our experience works for us just as much as it works against us depending on who you're talking to! I'm going to keep pressing. At this point I'm working on sussing out Meet & Greets and applications / application due dates. Again, thank you for you reply. View points from others shine light on areas or ideas I may have overlooked. I appreciate it.
  2. I was hesitant about posting here because due to my particular background and currently still being AD, it won't be too hard for people in my community to figure out who I am. That was dumb. I'm here to try and climb back in the cockpit, so people figuring out who I am doesn't matter one bit. I'm currently working on setting up applications for ANG Fighter Wings / Squadrons, but am not at all opposed to the Reserves or AD AF. I've tasted fighter life and having it snatched away for not being deemed qualified to land on a boat was a devastatingly humbling experience. It truly reoriented my world, however, through this adversity I've become laser focused and more determined than ever to achieve my dream of serving our country as a Fighter Pilot. To that end, what are my chances? Age: 30 Former F/A-18F WSO (2014 - 2017) 1 Deployment (more details if req'd) Student Naval Aviator (2017 - 2019) Completed Navy Advanced Strike Training (for F/A-18E/F or F-35 pipeline), but disqualified for Carrier Landings (more details if req'd) Hours: Pilot: 313 Total WSO: 836 Total (241 Combat) Combined Total: 1146 Hours AFOQT Pilot: 99 Navigator: 99 Aptitude: 91 Verbal: 92 Quantitative: 82 PCSM: 98 I'd be more than happy to supply any additional information that may be helpful, just let me know what I can do for you! -Checkmate
  3. Hello, I'm currently AD and looking into the ANG as a career to allow me to continue to serve to 20 years or more. I have a unique background that has generated a broad range of questions I have yet to find the answers to and I was hoping I could get pointed in the correct direction here. These questions involve the application process, rushing squadrons and how time in the ANG is counted as far as time in service goes. If you knowledgeable on any of these topics, please message me. Thank you, Checkmate
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