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  1. Not KC-10s, currently in the 17. Interesting to hear that the 10s are "undermanned" despite being shut down? Or are they starting to walk that back I wonder. Wow that's impressive, I guess. Did he have some sort of gripe with the 46 or was he just looking to do something different?
  2. Anyone have any insight on the opportunities to crossflow over to the 46 these days? Curious if a large amount of former KC-10 bros are taking all the open slots as they slowly try to sunset the Gucci life, or if the community is still so undermanned that it's not making a difference.
  3. KEND 19-08/19-09 T-38 2 x Saudi EuroFighter Typhoon Saudi F-15SA 2 x Saudi F-15C E-3 AWACS Tinker F-16 Holloman 3 x F-16 Luke 2 x T-38 FAIP F-35 Luke (was a FAIP) A-10 Fort Wayne ANG A-10 DM C-130J Dyess 16 T-1 3 x KC-10 Travis 2 x KC-10 McGuire KC-10 Travis (AFRS) C-130J Dyess C-130J Little Rock HC-130J Combat King Patrick AFB C-130H Youngstown ARS 2 x KC-135 Macdill KC-135 Mildenhall 2 x KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 McConnell KC-135 Beale AFRS KC-135 Phoenix 2 x C-5 Travis C-5 Dover 2 x U-28 Hurlburt C-17 Charlotte ANG C-17 Dover C-17 Charleston C-17 Elmo E-8 JSTARS Robins AFB E-3 AWACS Tinker T-1 FAIP
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