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  1. Same boat here @CharlieHotel47. I had a SEP date for SERE, but my guard unit just told me that was canceled. Other than that, they said NGB pushed out a FY2021 UPT training schedule, but nothing for an Altus PIQ schedule.
  2. Any recent or current KC-135 students?? Wondering how training is being affected by covid... timeline, housing, etc.. Finishing up UPT and hoping to get to Altus before 2021. And if you have any gouge and or pro tips... all ears!
  3. Anyone know why a traditional Guard/Reservists isn't allowed to use Space-A to travel anywhere OCONUS?
  4. Ok thanks @Flip6, I'll be doing the same unless someone has a contact at AETC. But, I'm also an Army transfer type. Going from Army Guard to Air Guard. So that's why I am worried it'll just sit around forever since my hiring unit's recruiting office is telling me I can't transfer till my FC1 is approved and the state medical officer reviews and approves it... Then they'll submit the officer inter-service transfer packet to NGB.
  5. Anybody know anyone at AETC (the training command that approves FC1s)? Or how your unit finds out that your FC1 gets stamped approved? - If I can help it I would rather not wait an extra 2 months like @Flip6 did, to find out his was approved. I had waited 3 weeks to ask the Wright/Patt crew for any kind of update and they said it had just been sent to AETC the day before I called.
  6. To transfer as an ARNG officer to the ANG with a pilot contract... Start finding applying to squadrons depending on the squadron their is quite a bit of paperwork to compile IOT submit your app use the bogidope site to find what units are hiring and see what their requirements are... Job listing tab Get selected by a squadron Work with your current Army Guard S1 on filling out your conditional release form (DD-368) Routing and approvals can/will vary from state to state You will have to do a close out with all the S-shops for current unit Simultaneously figure out next step to get sworn in on the Air Guard side As a current service member the gaining squadron will likely want you to complete the FC1 before you commission Lean on the UPT board coordinator to figure out who you need to talk to to make things happen... Likely a mix of recruiting/training/ops You will need to be proactive in figuring out how to make the transfer work according to your state. Be especially proactive in respectfully communicating and following up with people who are pushing your paperwork. Just about every board goes off the whole person concept, but every board is different in culture and personality... Overall, I think it does help. You have demonstrated that you enjoy flying enough to continue pursuing it, you are dedicated and capable of keeping up with an accelerated course, and that you can handle an aircraft.
  7. Just became aware that this could possibly be an issue due to the timeline for UPT in the Guard and Reserves... Does anyone out there have any advice on the ETP letter? - Like others have said I would like to have a letter written ahead of time to make is easier on squadrons that may want to select me for a UPT slot. For those with any insight, as for a legitimate case?? Would the extensive timeline leading up to UPT count? My 5 year Federal Commissioned Service Date will be AUG19, right before most squadrons are sending UPT candidates out. The actual reason this is an issue is that I began my military service in the army as an enlisted soldier and never had exposure to how amazing aviation is! Other than a horrifying flight to basic training lol. Now that I've become an Officer and earned a degree in engineering, I'm able to afford more expensive hobbies... Earned my PPL right after returning from a deployment this year and that's when I realized I wanted to fly for the Air Force. Any advice is appreciated!
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